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What Streaming Technology Means for Your Small Business

Since the beginning of the internet, streaming content has been a vital source of communication and information. With musicians like Linkin Park, who were the first to start streaming their own music (this is how they gained their fan following in the beginning) creating their own content and copyrighting their own material gave them the freedom that most artists do not have these days. YouTube has been a real game changer in streaming content and is now the second most popular search engine on the internet, right behind Google.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Streamed content is now the hottest trend in digital marketing right now. With streaming social media apps like SnapChat, which is now partnering with college newspapers to release news content on it's homepage and Facebook Live taking over the mobile game, your business should not fall behind the curve. While it is tough to keep up with the latest trends, it is easy to see that video and mobile streaming is the next big thing.

A study done by the Pew Research Center also found that people who get their news from sources from social media sources like Twitter, YouTube and SnapChat has increased overall by 39%. In that same study, they also found that 2/3 of adults in 2017 get their news from social media.

What Can I Do?

One of the things you can do to take advantage of this new trend is to constantly stream content, I recommend doing it everyday for SnapChat users (if that is your audience, remember 90% of people who use SnapChat are around 13-25 demographic), Facebook Live works amazing for your usual "ask me anythings" or regular demos and Q&A's. If you are considered an expert in your field, demoing your product or service for free on Facebook, SnapChat, Periscope, YouTube or any other streaming social media site or app can benefit you greatly in terms of digital marketing. From an SEO perspective, creating new content is key to getting yourself on top of Google!

How Can I Do It?

Creating an account is super simple, most people need a smartphone and an email address. With SnapChat, you can use the bitmoji app to create yourself a new avatar to connect with people. For Facebook Live, all you need is a Facebook Page and of course a Facebook account. You can also create Facebook Live events for certain groups, private or public.

Do You Need Help?

Understanding how social media works can be a pain when you are dealing with other aspects of your business. Take the pain away from figuring out how to plan your next Facebook Live event, or how Snap everyday with a social media manager! I can help you come up with a plan for how to get more likes, followers and leads to all of your pages so you can see a great ROI on your current social media plan. If you want to learn how a social media manager can boost your business, please contact me at contact@supriyaprasad.com.

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