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Are Instagram Ads the Next Big Thing?

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has exploded on to the social media scene as being one of the top social media platforms of the last decade. Filters, tags, and selfies has made Instagram a must-have on every smartphone today and with over 700 million users, Instagram has no sign of slowing down. In 2012, Instagram sold their business over to Facebook, which took it to another level, integrating their features for easier sharing on mobile devices. As a result, ads on Instagram have now become a huge deal.

Why Instagram Ads?

Instagram realizes that celebrities are the biggest walking billboards on their app and they use this to their advantage. The biggest example being Selena Gomez and Coca Cola becoming the most liked Instagram ad of all time with 6.8 million likes. Instagram ads are popular because of the easy access on mobile phones, and making it easier for users to stop and click on ads. With Instagram ads now being a choice in Facebook Ads Manager, it will create a more targeted approach to both social media sites, hitting both markets at once. While celebrities rule Instagram, influencers are not too far behind. Who are influencers? YouTube stars like Shane Dawson, and MirandaSings make millions selling ads on their Instagram and YouTube pages.

Infographic from SmallBizTrends

What's the point?

Depending on your business, Instagram ads can be extremely beneficial to your business, especially when integrated with Facebook. Instagram account, New Fork City has quickly gained a following by posting pictures of food at restaurants, they charge the restaurants a fee and they tag their posts with things like "#sponsored" or "#ad". New Fork City has almost one million followers by doing just this. What does this mean for your brand? Figuring out your target marketing and catering to your audience will be key for your small business. If you do not know your audience, marketing can be tricky, Luckily, Instagram and Facebook are used by almost everyone with an email address, and you can market to whoever you need to with your small business. The best part? Instagram ads are relatively inexpensive compared to Adwords.

What Should I Do?

Instagram and Facebook ads can be pretty complicated to deal with and creating a marketing strategy for each account can be even tougher to figure out. That is where I come in, having a social media manager that can come up with a banging social media strategy and marketing out to your target audience will save you a lot of aggravation and trouble from doing it yourself. Save yourself time, money and energy by hiring me as your social media manager. Contact me contact@supriyaprasad.com to start a conversation today!

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