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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Instagram Stories

In this age of streaming content, everything can and must be recorded, uploaded, and liked at a customer or users will on social media. While streamed and mostly unsaved content apps like SnapChat have been a popular tool for millennials and Gen Z'ers alike, it also has a growing user base for older generations as well. One of these apps that is gaining traction among the older generation is Instagram. Ever since Instagram was bought out by Facebook five years ago, Instagram has exploded in popularity. Small businesses of all generations have embraced Instagram as more food and lifestyle bloggers discover their favorite cupcake spot.

Speaking of cupcakes, it seems as though more people would like to know how that cupcake was made and once Instagram took SnapChat's model, the feature is slowly starting to gain traction. Here are three reasons why your business should look into Instagram Stories.

1. You can share links and even tag others in Instagram. With over 800 million users, Instagram has already a built in following as well as built in features that allow users to tag people in their stories, something you cannot do with SnapChat.

2. Video quality is higher on Instagram Stories than on SnapChat. Furthermore, Instagram Stories allows for curated content that you can pick from your phone. YouTuber star, Mariale Marrero, explains that because Instagram Stories allows you to post videos from your phone, it helps with curated content. This allows for much more professional looking streamed content.

3. Easier to find people on Instagram Stories. Thankfully, with the new Facebook integration, you can find your friends and followers on both sites. Finding people to tag about that new cupcake place you discovered can't be done on SnapChat.

The truth of the matter is that SnapChat has been falling in popularity due to its limitations. Shaky video and the fact that SnapChat influencers posted 25% more often on Instagram Stories than SnapChat says it all. That cupcake shop attracting millennials will probably start posting Instagram Stories soon, instead of wasting a SnapChat account. SnapChat is still a pioneer and their model will probably be copied for years to come, but because of the lack of access and unwillingness to change, its predecessors will surpass.

If you are reading this and thinking, what is Instagram Stories and SnapChat? I can help! Social media management has been my thing for the last five years professionally and the last 15 before that. I can help your business grow and get a great ROI on social media. With all the things you need to worry about your business, let social media management be one less thing on your plate. Please contact me at contact@supriyaprasad.com to start a conversation today!

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