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Why You Need to be Partnering with Micro-Influencers on Social Media

As a small business owner, you are constantly learning how to fill in the blanks. Figuring out how billing, electric, and loans work while providing the best service or product that you can is also a struggle that I can relate to as well. Technology is the same way, we are constantly changing and if you are not in the present moment, you are already five years behind the curve. Keeping up with the likes of Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! has not been an easy task for anyone working in those spaces for the last 15 years. Filling in the blanks of what people want in each of these search engines has been, and continues to be an uphill battle. The same goes for social media, if you are not keeping up with the biggest influencers and how they are running things, you will be as Kansas says "dust in the wind".

Why is this important to know?

Many businesses base their strategy on what other social media influencers do or have done in the past. Social media influencers are usually celebrities, sometimes YouTube stars like Shane Dawson, MirandaSings or Blogilates. These people have at least a million followers on their social media, and many businesses try to partner with them to gain social media attention. While the strategy to partner with a major YouTube star can be benefical, the chances of your small time business getting the attention of the busy millionaire YouTube star is very slim. Your business would be much better off gaining the attention of the small time YouTube star that's gaining traction.

How is this helpful?

Microinfluencers or influencers that have between 2,000 - 50,000 followers on social media, have proven to be more helpful in marketing small businesses. You can gain more visibility on social media when you partner with two or three microinfluencers rather than one major influencer. Why? Depending on your market and demographics, you can get a wide reach on your service or product by reaching out to these microinfluencers.

What should I do?

You will need to send a private message to an influencer in your area of expertise, so if you are a restaurant owner, you will want to message a foodie with over 5,000 followers that loves to take pictures of their food on Instagram. If you are a personal trainer, you will want to connect with a fitness freak with 10,000 followers. You might get some no's but it only takes one yes!

Need Help?

Do you need help figuring out what an influencer is, and how one can help your business? With all the things you have to worry about in your business, let social media be one thing that you can rest easy about. You can sit back and relax as I reach out to these micro-influencers for you and watch as your engagement spike! If you want to learn how having a social media manager can be benefical to your small business, please contact me at contact@supriyaprasad.com today!

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