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The Mental Process Behind Social Media

The biggest question I get asked after a prospect gets my proposal is why. "Why do I need social media? Why do I need a manager for all my social sites, I mean 400 bucks a month is a lot for just a few tweets and posts to Facebook. What's the point of social media management, if I can do this on my own?" Well, it's true, you CAN manage your social media on your own, but unless you are an expert on digital marketing, which most small business owners are not, you won't be able to leverage it effectively.

When done properly, engagement on social media can be the most effective marketing tool your business can have. Simply because of the many examples of social media helping, educating and spreading the word about your small business. How is this possible? How can a social media site be so effective? The answer? It's simple psychology.

Creating engagement on these sites can be exhausting, because you cannot just post whatever on these social media sites. Like the rest of the internet, if you post relevant content to your social media and to your website, your ranking will more than likely go up on Google. How do you create this and how do you make it happen? Well to answer these questions you will need to understand what makes people hit like or retweet on a post and the simple answer to this is peer pressure. Think about it, when you see a viral post a friend or family member commented on, you will more than likely click on the article of said post. The key here is to create posts that everyone can relate to and be personal.

After all, people are more likely to use a business, product or service, if a friend or family member recommends it to them. Where are people likely to find close friends and family members? Facebook. Facebook is quickly becoming a top site for people to write reviews on and this comes ever since Yelp's stock took a dive in May. With Facebook being one of, if not the top website on the internet today, it's super important to put an emphasis on Facebook reviews. While getting reviews on Google is as equally important, word of mouth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media site is super powerful.

This is where I come in, creating strategies around based around these ideas is a social media managers job. With all the challenges of running a small business, let social media management be one less thing on your list. Whether it's responding to customers on your Facebook page, or creating engaging graphics, I can do it all! Please contact me at supriyasocial@outlook.com to start a conversation about your social media engagement today!

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