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Does Social Media Get in the Way of Our Happiness?

Happy holidays everybody! We use holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Diwali as a way of getting connected to others on social media that share the same interest of the holiday. On Facebook, most people like to get to share pictures of their Thanksgiving meals, Christmas lights, or Diwali lamps. On SnapChat, a lot of people like to share little clips of their families during the holidays. On Twitter, people will live-tweet their experience. Whether you are on social media or not, chances you will have a family member this holiday season that will be on it posting about your family gathering. With the heat that social media gets these days about millienials being on social media too much, and that it takes a toll on our mental health, it's all the more reason why a small business should be extremely active on social media during the holidays.

Why Does this Matter?

Most small businesses like to take advantage of these holidays and create sales, giveaways or other promotions to get the word out of their small business. Today is #SmallBusinessSaturday after all, so the importance of this promos on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram or Pinterest is crucial. I recently ran a simple Diwali post on my Facebook page which I boosted and you can see below.

Most people use social media to connect with friends and loved ones, but does it overall bring down our happiness? Studies have shown that our emotions control what we buy and I am guilty of it as well. I definitely have bought things on Facebook that I don't really need, but it's because I am part of the target market (which is why I have 15 pairs of leggings).

Can We Change This?

You really can't make someone buy your product on Facebook, but you can sure try! This is the beauty of the holiday season. Promotions work really well, if you know your target audience and use them to your advantage. You can create a different perspective as the video explains below of using content that MAKES people happy!

The Big Takeaways?

1. Try not to get too self involved in your business on social media.

2. Offer advice on your service or product, so you are helping others instead of making them feel envious

3. Remember promote happiness! What about your service or product makes your customers feel good? What can you do on your social media pages to enhance that experience?

Need Help Promoting for the Holidays? I can Help!

Take the burden off of promoting your business on social media during the holidays, and leave it all to me! As an experienced social media manager, I can create a customized holiday strategy around your business that will get you a great ROI and generate more leads! To learn more please contact me at supriya@supriyaprasad.com today to start a conversation!

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