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Small Business Owners: Don't Ignore Your Customers on Social Media

It's December and the holiday season is in full swing. This means sales, discounts and clearances galore for most retail and service based businesses. This time of year is when customers are also at their grouchiest, I mean we've all seen the black friday videos. Only second behind to summer, this season is when consumers are more likely to to spend their paychecks on goods. The worst thing any business can do at this time of the year is to ignore their customers. Especially on social media.

What is the price to pay?

A study done by Forrester shows that over 67% of companies believe that social media customer service is their most pressing short term priority issue. Not only that , but if customers have a good experience with a rep on social media, they are three times more likely to recommend the brand.You may have heard of the famous United Airlines controversy, where a passenger got dragged off the plane because that particular flight was overbooked. Or the more recent Dove racially charged ad had to be pulled after it caused a fire storm on social media. More companies are putting weight into what their customers say on social media platforms, and it would be quite ignorant to dismiss their thoughts, as the price can be devastating to a brand.

What is the value?

By diffusing a negative experience by a customer, you are making the brand a go to on social media. Fast response is key with most social media platforms, and many use Twitter and Facebook. Facebook now has a feature where it shows how fast a business page responds to customers messages. However, you don't have to respond to negativity all the time. If you create engagement with your customers they are more likely to say positive things. Customers can add a lot of value to your business via social media, whether it's a poll, advice on what they would like to see in your next product/service/brand or just getting feedback in general. It is a great way for you to grow as a business.

Need Help?

Do you have trouble answering all of your customer messages on social media? I can help! I have years of experience managing social media platforms and answering customer messages. In fact, I have over ten years of customer service experience to back it all up. If you need help extinguishing fires over the holidays with your customers, or just need help with engagement, I am your person! Contact me at supriya@supriyaprasad.com to start a conversation today!

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