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Facebook and Twitter's Plan to Combat Trolls in 2018

Internet trolls have been around ever since the first website went live and even then, trolls weren't as mean as they are today. Hiding behind a username to say horrible things to another person that you don't know is a very dark part of the internet that started on forum boards and comment sections on blogs like these. It has now transcended to social media sites and unfortunately the troll game has gotten a lot bigger and smarter. Most people will create new accounts if they have been banned from a forum or a social media site and the cycle of harassment will continue with little to no admin or moderator intervention.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest social media sites looking to change the rules on that. Twitter has taken steps to combat bullies on social media and Facebook has made new policies regarding blocked user accounts. Many people have complained on both social media sites that people will just create new accounts if the user blocked the troll on social media. Facebook says it will now detect IP addresses to prevent them from creating new accounts and going after the same user. "The only way they’ll be able to communicate with you on Messenger is if you connect with them, not the other way around". With over 1.3 billion users, Messenger can use a policy like this.

These new policies are very useful for service based businesses that rely on word of mouth to get their business known. Facebook relaunched it's Events page back in November as Facebook Local, where the user would explore local places around the area. This feature would mean the beginning of the end for sites like Yelp, which is notorious for its bad reviews ruining small business reputations. Trolls are known for leaving terrible reviews for businesses that they have never been to, hopefully Facebook will extend the harassment policies to business page reviews as well.

Small businesses face a massive burden when they are on social media as their whole business is out there for the world to see. Everyone is watching you and there are many looking at you to post the wrong thing. Don't be a business that doesn't know how to handle trolls! I've been around social media long enough to spot a troll and can handle them professionally for you. If you have trouble with bullies on social media, or if you can't handle all the work that goes into a social media marketing strategy, let SPB Productions handle it for you! We can not only handle trolls, but we can also handle the day to day social media tasks for your business! Want to talk strategy? Send an email at supriya@supriyaprasad.com or shoot me a message on my Facebook or Twitter today!

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