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Is Twitter Going Down?

Ever since Twitter debuted, it's been the center of the social media world. Getting your message across in 140 characters was all the rage in the status updating, picture uploading and private message sending world that Twitter was in back in the mid to late 2000's. Expressing your thoughts in short little messages across the internet was all the rage as a bunch of important information was being spread throughout the internet. As we have seen in our most recent president, who seems to use Twitter a lot and our last president who made history by being the very first president to use social media. However with Twitter's latest numbers, they began to show profit in for the first time in years, however the user rate has stagnated.

Why Is This The Case?

Twitter has been playing catch up for a while now; with Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram all introducing live stream and story options for it's users. While Twitter does have an option to record 20 second videos into your tweet, it does not have the same effect of story options of its competitors. If Twitter will add stories, and introduced other shareable features like GIFs , they would've been ahead of the game as well as made it a better user experience. A 280 character limit might have been the social media giant's saving grace for 2017, however it might be too little too late.

Is There Still Hope?

Twitter's lack of response to it's cyber bullying policies, which they are working hard to fix, and last year CEO Dick Costlo has resigned and appointed co-founder Jack Dorsey to gain it's focus. Dorsey seemed to do a good job with turning a profit this year, however that's where the cookie starts to crumble. The much anticipated Moments feature was not well received and as the New Yorker eloquently put it "social media is a scale game or a product game, and Twitter is failing at both". All is not lost, and there is some hope for the microblogging site. Experts say with new leadership and a revival of the site with fresh eyes, can make it's millions of users excited.

Don't Get Lost in the Shuffle!

While the future of Twitter is up in the air, the future of social media is looking extremely bright on social media. If you are not keeping up with the times, you will fall behind your competitors who are already hitting big numbers on their channels! It's still the Q1 and what happens now will determine the rest of the year for your company. Now is the time to make a statement with your brand on all of your social media channels. Contact SPB Productions at supriya@supriyaprasad.com to get a FREE social media analysis today!

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