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4 Reasons to get Friendly on Social Media

Over the last ten years we have seen many brands do well on social media, McDonald's, Wendy's, and Dennys being a few major companies whose posts have gone viral. Whether some posts were planned to go viral or not, these companies still had their brand on everyone's social media feed. As they say in PR, any publicity is good publicity. This statement is especially true in social media, it's all about the spin and these companies know how to do it well. What can we learn about these major label brands on their social media savviness? A lot, it turns out.

Wanna Go Viral? Get Social on Social Media

A lot of us (myself included) check out our social media everyday, but how many of us are actually social on there? Those of us who use social media on a daily or even weekly basis will use it to share a couple of cat videos and talk to our friends. Why shouldn't a brand do the same? Take a look at this post made from the infamous Denny's Tumblr account. While this post could've gone viral on its own without any engagement, the reason why a post like this gained so much attention was because Denny's answered back. In fact, if you go to their blog, you will see them constantly engaging with customers and maybe random Tumblr users.

Wanna Get Noticed? Stop Posting Business Stuff!

Many successful brands on social media will start a conversation with their audience, the one thing they won't do is post their last five blog posts for a week's worth of social content. While business content is nice, you don't want to bore your audience no matter how interesting your industry statistics are. Like I've explained many times before, video, especially live video, is the quickest way to get people engaged. The one thing people will always appreciate on social media is being your true authentic self! Whether it's a brand created avatar, a mascot, or even you, the business owner, being yourself you will open many doors for your brand!

Wanna Stop The Haters? Respond to Comments!

Yes that's right. Respond. Not in an insulting way, in a unique clever way to your haters. This Twitter roast made by Wendy's went completely viral and the audience ended up loving them even more after. There are similar comebacks made by bigger named brands on social media and nearly all of them went viral. Bottom line? Respond to them in a clever way that will appeal to your audience, check this article out for inspiration!

Wanna Get Followers? Stop Counting!

Posting a lot will get you followers, but it won't get you the right, quality followers that will create engagement. With Twitter buckling down on their bots, it's time to start focusing on quality instead of quantity. Post videos that provide cool, engaging yet useful content for your audience. Create visual graphics with interesting statistics with a mascot or avatar that people could relate to. This type of content will get people interested in your brand and get them engaged on social media!

Want more?

Social media marketing is more than just posting on Facebook, it's about engaging your audience and getting them excited about your brand. It's about making connections with the people who you want talking about you the next day. More importantly it's about making them enjoy your brand so they come back again. If you want to take your brand to the next level, contact me at supriya@supriyaprasad.com for information!

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