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What the Death of Malls Means to Your Online Business

Malls have been around since the mid 1950's, with the first mall, the Southdale Center, opening in 1956 in Minnesota. The original idea was to have a community center that has shops, gyms, arcades, and food in all one area. The idea was well conceived for a time when people used to walk home from school and ride their bikes to the mall where any teenager could buy the latest cassette tape, or outfit that they saved up all their money for. However times have changed. No one buys cassette tapes anymore nor does anyone see that one outfit in a department store they want to buy.

Did Internet Kill the Mall Star?

The answer is not entirely. While it's true that the projected numbers for the number of people shopping online worldwide is expected to reach 1.79 billion in 2018, this is not at all the primary reason for why malls are failing. Millennials are expected to outnumber baby boomers as the largest consumer market in the US, and the purchasing behaviors of millennials are drastically different from their boomer counterparts. With things like student loans and sky high apartment rent, most do not have the luxury of buying things from department stores, like the ones in malls, anymore.

What Does this Have to do with Social Media?

Everything! While ecommerce sites like Amazon will always be around, Facebook and other social media sites like Instagram are starting to creep up. While click through rates for ads on both of these sites 1-3% depending on your target demographic, it will assure that you get the right customers. When you create an ad that gives a link or a call to action to a landing page on your ecommerce website, will not only generate leads, but create a social media following. You can gain massive, relevant leads on social media with the right kind of marketing.

Your Business Can Succeed!

With malls dying out, it only leaves businesses like yours to shine on the internet! Getting social media involved in your ecommerce business will put you in the front lines of people who are most likely to buy them! Social media is the best tool you can have in your online business and I can help you create the ads you need for the audience you want. If you need help managing your social media for your ecommerce business, contact me today at supriya@supriyaprasad.com today for more information!

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