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How My Mother Inspired My Business

When a person starts their business, it's usually out of necessity, for me it was me being tired of the corporate scene (okay well I still am in the corporate scene but it is not as bad) and I was done with people not listening to my ideas. It's Mother's Day, and I've been wanting to do a blog post about my mom for a while now. A lot of people find inspiration for their businesses within their kids, significant others, siblings, or even within themselves. Me? I found my inspiration within myself, and my mom. I was in a rough situation and I wondered what my mother would've told me. I know she would've said "Supriya, if you are unhappy then find happiness elsewhere". So I did.

A little backstory; my parents were immigrants, they both came to the United States from Bangalore, India in the early 80's to make a better life for themselves. They settled in Rockford, IL and that's where they had my brother and me, five years later. We moved around until we settled in Flint, MI when I was two and then we stayed there for ten years until we moved to Kenosha, WI. We struggled a lot as a family trying to make ends meet. My father was a medical physicist and my mother worked odd jobs, she was mainly a housewife, but that didn't stop her from getting things done.

This is where I got my determination and strength, even after she fell sick from pulmonary hypertension in 2009, and passed away in November 2013. If I can become half as strong as she was, fighting for her life at the hospital, I know I can become a fantastic entrepreneur, and try to pass on her legacy of being the kind and generous person that she was. This is why I like working with non-profits and I try to work with them on pricing because I know this is something my mom would've done. People who try to do good in the world, will always have a place in my business.

My mother was an inspiration to everyone who knew her, and they all knew that she put her heart and soul into helping everyone around her. I want to continue that legacy; her strength, ambition, and her creativity, and heart has gone into everything that I have done for SPB Productions. I know she is looking down on me right now, and is so proud of everything I achieved and will achieve in the future. I miss you mom and I will continue to work and fight hard everyday just like you did! Happy Mother's Day!

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