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The Best Ways to Re-purpose Content

As you probably already know, if you want to have a great online presence, then getting fresh new content on all platforms across the net is key. It's not just a good social media practice, it's great internet practices for your small business. Original and raw content that gets people excited about your business is the perfect way to bring brand new customers that convert! One of the biggest questions I get asked as a digital marketer is "how do I create new and raw content that doesn't bore people?" and the best way to do it is to use what you already have!


If you have a blog, most of the work is done for you. Food blogs work really well in these cases because then you can create a great video series on YouTube. There are some amazing video softwares out there like Lumen5 that turns blogs into videos. The beauty about a blog, is that you can create infographics, and other content pieces that can really make your social media sing. Not only that, but you can also make creative pieces that can even make your content go viral, no matter what industry you are in!


If you are the type of business that loves to create infographics, you can easily turn those pieces into infographic type videos; Powtoons and Biteable are great for this. You can cut each piece up in the infographic and make it, it's own piece of content on your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or even Snapchat. This is a common technique that is used among many high end businesses that like to save a lot of money on creating new content and now you can use it too! Even if you have two infographics up on your website, depending on the content, you can possibly create a video that features both graphics from each one.


Like blogs, if you have a video series on YouTube, most of the work is already done for you. You can write up a great piece on your website about content in the video and make graphics on it. Canva is amazing for this and I personally love to use it for graphics. You can also cut up your video and use it for Instagram or Facebook stories, you can even upload your cut up video content to Facebook to promote your YouTube channel as well.

Need Help Creating Content?

If you are having trouble getting fresh content on your social media, SPB Productions can help you figure it out! Whether it's video, blogging, or graphic creation SPB Productions is equipped to take your business to where you know it can be and beyond! Contact me at supriya@supriyaprasad.com to get more information on how you can take your business to the next level today!

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