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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using IGTV

Are you obsessed with video? If you are not using video to brand yourself on social media, you need to start! YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram have all come up with video options that could lead to very lucrative opportunities for your business. In 2019, 80% of all internet content will be video, and as a small business that is trying to build your brand, that's an important statistic to know. This isn't getting on a camera, posting a video to Instagram and hoping you will go viral. It's creating content that you know will create the buzz you need, and the content that people are searching for. Instagram has created a solution to this problem; IGTV. It's spontaneous video combined with planned engagement strategy will get your small business to the next level.

Longer Videos

Before, Instagram had a one minute cap on their videos, now with IGTV, you can create videos that are over an hour long. This will mean more opportunity for you to talk about your business, your expertise, and what your process is on a much greater platform. IGTV takes the best of YouTube and Instagram Stories and combines them into one. Users will get the option to swipe right on any video or channel they want to see and they will also have the same options to comment and like as they would on the regular platform.

Vertical Format Push

IGTV will stay in vertical format mode unlike it's competitors. Unlike SnapChat, YouTube and Facebook some videos will require the user to flip their devices for a full screen view, but not with IGTV. This will make creating videos easier for users and will create the push for a smartphone only interface that much greater for similar websites. This is a very good thing for small businesses who don't have a lot of fancy equipment to use for creating videos. Smartphones are quickly becoming the new "camera" and social media sites are becoming the new video platforms. Are you ready for it?

The Ideas are Endless

With IGTV, there are so many options you could do with IGTV; interviews, product or service demos, recurring segments and IG exclusives are for your product or services. When you premiere an interview or product on Instagram, you can create that buzz you need for your website and drive all that traffic to that successful sales funnel. A guest interview would be a great option for business coaches, service demos would be amazing for people who need to know how your service works before they buy, recurring segments would be for people that want to know your brand a little better.

Need Help Setting Up IGTV?

If you are a small business and you need help figuring out video content strategy for the rest of the year, SPB Productions can partner with you! We help you create and personalize the strategy you need to make your videos the best it can be for all of your social media sites. Managing your social media sites with video content can be a real burden, let SPB Productions take it off your hands! Schedule your free audit on your pages today to learn more!

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