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4 Ways AI is Affecting Social Media Marketing

Ahhh robots! We are constantly surrounded by artificial intelligence every day, from Siri to Cortana to Alexa. As social media grows into the big conglomerate that we know it will be in a few years, many small businesses are struggling to streamline the process. The truth of the matter is that there are over two billion social media users in the world. That is the size of the two largest countries combined! More people are responding to businesses via social media than any other platform. I think it's safe to say if you struggling to keep up, there are ways to do it! We've talked about how AI can be beneficial to your business, however I want to talk about how AI can impact social media marketing directly.

Speed of Content Creation

We are in an age of information flowing and sometimes overload. This means that content is being created by the second every single day. What is your brand doing to keep up with it? According to UnMetric CEO, Lux Narayan, "businesses use to create campaigns once every six months, now it's six campaigns in one month." The information is constant and Americans consume about 6.9 zettabytes. or 6.9 million gigabytes which translates out to an average 11-12 hours a day of information or media. In order to keep up, Narayan says to use an AI service like Twizoo that will find relevant content and keep your pages flowing every day.

Intelligence Amongst Consumers

This is creating a space for social media marketers and with businesses who use social media for marketing purposes to find people that are searching for your product or service. There are several AI services that measures what people are talking about in your particular industry and it is designed to "pull needles through a haystack of information and deliver useful metrics about a brand's consumer". Converseon does just this. It creates measurable metrics and insights for social media customer voice data.

Reach Out to Influencers

As we talked about before, influencers, particularly micro-influencers, which are influencers with less than 50,000 followers, can really help boost your brand! AI is currently figuring out the best way you as a brand, could reach out to other influencers. Facebook has already come up with its own AI specific algorithm that helps brands connect with influencers. This is a great example of how AI is going to shape how we look at influencer marketing in social media.

Developing Content

If you have high traffic on all your social media platforms, finding content that people will engage with you can be a long battle to fight. Promoting and picking out stories from your pages will be easier with Blossom that works within Slack. It "searches through at least 300 stories a day and picks out which ones should be promoted". This type of AI can streamline your social media even faster so you can get to know your customers a little bit more through what you are putting out.

SPB Productions Can Help You!

Understanding all the tools you need to succeed is all we do here at SPB Productions! We understand that it can be very overwhelming to look at all you need to do with social media marketing and reaching your audience on all the different platforms available. We take the burden off of your hands and do what you do best! Learn more about what SPB Productions does or schedule a free discovery call today!

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