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3 Ways You Can Create Quality Content For Your Social Media

When you are running a business, especially a service based business, one of the last things on your mind is creating new content for your social media pages. You have social media accounts, but you aren't experiencing activity or you do have some activity but it's not the engagement or content you know like or know that you can get. Does this sound familiar? A lot of businesses experience this common social media issue and there's really no organic way to solve but to create engaging content, but how can you create fresh and new content that is not only engaging but can make you go viral? There are plenty of ways you can do that,

1. It Doesn't Have to Be Graphics

Yes, graphics and pictures do well on social media, but videos and other alternative forms of content, like podcasts for example, can do even better. If you have a YouTube channel, you can cut pieces of that and create 30 days worth of content on your social media! You can also create other content for those "in the moment" stories on your social media channels such as Snapchat. Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. Remember no, social media site is the same, so customize for each platform! Use emojis and hashtags for Instagram, create short videos on Facebook, and even shorter for Snapchat!

2. Get Creative

If you are one of those people that travels for their job, don't be afraid to geo-tag your location of where you are at. Be bold, daring and unique with your picture choices. You don't have to be fancy with equipment. I recently created a quote graphic on my Instagram that was a picture taken from my phone of a sunrise from my recent flight to Chicago! If you love taking pictures, create a bunch and create tons of graphics or even videos around them. The same goes for video.

3. Nurture Your Clients or Customers

If you have a community related business, that pertains to a certain lifestyle, like being a raw vegan, or holistic living, then starting and getting involved in a Facebook group that links to your page can not only bring more customers, but it can bring you repeat and loyal customers or clients as well. You can also connect with the community on Instagram too, by leaving comments in the hashtags pertaining to your field. If you are a psychic and work with crystals, you can go into #holistichealing or #spiritualvibes hashtags and leave comments on the most engaging posts. Engaging with your audience by answering their comments and questions will also help you retain followers as well.

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As a small business, you are probably wondering that you might not have the time to create new pieces of good, quality content that is engaging to your audience on social media. That is where SPB Productions comes in.

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