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How To Take Quality Pictures on Social Media

As I've talked about many times before, it's important for you to create your own content on social media, but how can you create amazing quality pictures that can generate the engagement you are looking for? Getting pictures on your social media sites that are on brand, relevant and will get you followers are all the ingredients you need to get the ROI you need for your time on social media. How do do you get there? Most smartphones these days have the same quality as your standard DSLR camera, and with a little help, you can create stunning photographs for your social media sites as well that would be #amazing!

1. Good Lighting

The key to any good picture, is great lighting and using it to your advantage. This does take an artistic eye, so if you have an eye for good lighting half the battle is already won! Using natural light and staying in that light will hide all of those dark spots in any picture and make the picture look absolutely flawless! Don't be afraid to crouch down or stand on a chair to find the best light!

2. Know Your Angles

Piggybacking off of the last tip, it's also important to know your angles. Whether you are highlighting an object, or a person. You need to know the best angle to shoot, The best example I could give is if you are a fashion designer or a make up artist and you are using a model with high cheekbones, the best way to show off his or her features is to either tilt their head up and towards the light or down and towards the camera.

3. Capture the moment

You will need to take pictures in a place where there is a lot of action going on; a company party where there is a lot of dancing, a candid of you talking to a client, or just a shot of your team working together are all things that do really well on social media. Using your environment is the best tool you can have on any social media platform!

4. Using the Right Filter

Creating a photo that will pop on social media, is all about the filters, and you might think I am talking about just Instagram here, I am talking about almost every single social media platform, including Twitter. The truth of the matter is that most smartphones now have filters on phones so you can skip the filters on most photo platforms on social media sites. You will need to make sure whatever filter you put in, the background color pops, so that you're product or person can shine. I've given an example below

A photo like this can be enhanced, using filters like the one below

5. Posting to Social Media

Now that you have your picture made, it's now time to post to social media. You can create a post like this! "Look at baby Arnav having a great time at our pumpkin patch this fall!" #pumpkins #fall #autumn #MichellesPumpkinPatch #GrandRapids #PureMichigan. Go to all-hashtag.com for Instagram hashtag ideas, and copy and paste the top hashtags to your post!

No Idea Where To Start? SPB Productions Can Help!

If you are a small business, and need some inspiration on getting the right kind of pictures to your social media pages, we can help you get the media you need for your pages! Take the burden of handling all of your pages by yourself and hire a boutique style company that knows what it's doing. SPB Productions also offers to take pictures on location as well. Schedule a free discovery call to learn more about this!

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