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5 Great Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website with Social Media

One of the biggest questions I get asked on a daily basis as a digital marketer is "how do I get people to my website with social media?". It's a great question , it's one I get a lot on discovery calls from clients in all different industries and to be perfectly honest it differs from industry to industry, but the digital space remains the same for all. Over the many changes that the internet experienced over the last 20 odd years, the one thing the has remained the same is people wanting to connect with others. We've seen that through email to chat rooms and message boards all the way to instant messengers and of course social media. Another question I get asked is "how do I do it without being too spammy to people?" I've got five great ways on how you can do that.

1. Blogs

While a blog on your website might be driving a lot of traffic, but you might not be getting the same traffic to your social media. Besides linking the blogs to your social media and/or creating graphic posts about them, you can just write a blog directly to your social media page. A shorter version of your blog will allow your followers to get a sneak peak of what your offer on your website. You can do this with videos as well. Medium.com is a great place to do this, as well as LinkedIn articles.

2. Creating Infographics

If Instagram and YouTube have proven anything over the last five to ten years it's that people are far more interested in seeing things than reading things, or reading about things. Creating an easy to read infographic that's fun and ideally user friendly that can be cut into different posts on social media, can not only increase traffic, but also might drive leads.

3. Instagram Branding

This is a pretty easy one for most businesses to miss and it's branding. What sets you apart from the rest? Is it the way you interact with customers? Is it your style? Is it your unique point of view? Whatever it is, it needs to come across in the branding. Because social media is very visual across all boards, you will need to make everything consistent. Instagram is a great place to start testing your new brand because it's such a visual place and a holistic place for many business owners to gain an audience quickly.

4. Partnering with the Right Brands

If you've read my other posts on influencer marketing, you will know that it's huge right now and it's absolutely necessary for your brand to grow. Partnering with similar brands like yourself but not necessarily competitors can not only increase your social media presence, but increase your website traffic too. Facebook just released a feature where you can search for influencers in your niche market.

5. Quora

Quora is an underrated social media site with a Reddit style Q & A message boards. Only experts can answer questions, and in my last post, I discuss how powerful it is for many small business owners to use Reddit to gain leads. You can do the same with Quora as well. It's very easy to sign up and become an expert,. You can also start your own blog there too, which in turn can drive traffic to your website.

SPB Productions can Help!

Are you having trouble getting traffic to your website with social media or any other platform? SPB Productions can help you get out of that terrible no views, no likes funk and into that growth you need for your social media pages! We can also help your re-brand your social media, reach out to influencers, create stunning infographics, and get you on untapped platforms that can make you shine! To get started, schedule a your free discovery call today!

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