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5 Interesting Facts About Social Media Usage in 2018

Use of social media in 2018 has not only increased for small businesses, but it has grown exponentially in usage. In fact, social media users are expected to hit three billion in 2021. Yes that's right three BILLION, in three years. While there has been controversy over the past year, especially with Facebook, about privacy and manipulation concerns on many social media platforms. There is no doubt, there is a lot of power in these platforms, and with these numbers only growing it's important to know what the usage will be like in future, so you can grow on social media!

Women Dominate Social Media

That's right, according to SocialMediaToday, 74% of users on social media are women. What does this mean? This means that women are just on it more than women. While Pinterest, Instagram and of course, Facebook does boast more female followers, they just are ten percent above men on most social media platforms. This can mean women are more likely to talk share and comment about your products or services. In fact, more than half of women are likely to interact with a brand on social media when supporting a deal or promotion. Something to think about when marketing your brand on social media.

Younger Audience Still Reigns King

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, younger audiences still dominate the market on social media with 88% of people between 18-29 are on at least one social media platform. However, 30-49 year olds are less than 10 percent behind on that scale. If you are not out there targeting the millennial and x-ennial market, then you are not reaching the audience that you know you can reach on social media. The ones that are going to tell all their friends about your service or product in a matter of milliseconds in a text or a FB messenger chat, to check out your page.

Facebook is Still on Top

Clocking in at a whopping 74% of daily usage, Facebook rules supreme with Snapchat trailing behind at 63% and Instagram just at its tail with 60%. What does this mean for you? More people are likely to find you on Facebook FIRST, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be on other platforms too. Facebook should be your number one source for content, but it shouldn't be your go to. You should be dominating on ALL platforms on social media, so that everyone can find you.

Don't Count Baby Boomers Out

While millennials are dominating the social media market, it looks like baby boomers are becoming heavy adopters to social media and technology in general. That's right, as more grandparents are becoming used to the tech obsessed culture we live in, they will soon catch up to the younger generation. 54% may not be a big number, but it's certainly a huge leap from 40% in 2012.

Big Named Industries Are Seeing the Difference

The hospitality, pharma, and manufacturing industries are all seeing major changes that they have not seen before. In fact, Johnson & Johnson just saw 111% increase in engagement change after social media changes they did last year. It looks like hospitality, fashion and higher education saw major engagement with Instagram in general, If you are in these industries and you are not on Instagram or spending the money to be on social media, then you need to do it, like yesterday.

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