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Amazon Alexa: An Untapped Market?

In 2011, Siri was first introduced on the iPhone 4s and the world became fascinated with of the idea of an assistant just for your iPhone. The thought of someone creating appointments, reminding you of that appointment, calling people for you, looking stuff up for you, and booking tickets for the latest concert was once seemed so absurd ten years ago, is now reality. We now have at home "assistant-like" devices that can do all of the above, but in a different convenient way for a household. What does an Amazon Alexa or Google Home have to do with social media marketing? A lot!

An Untapped Market

It's an untapped market for businesses looking into getting digital marketing. Now, this doesn't mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Reddit will go away, but as Gary Vaynerchuk presented in his book, Crushing It, people will want convenience and with his prediction of an Amazon Alexa being in every bathroom in the very near future, it's probably a good idea to get in on on this marketing real estate while it's cheap! In his book, Vaynerchuk explains the importance of getting on every social media platform while you still can. Alexa is a great way to do this because you can position yourself as an expert on flash briefings.

What are Flash Briefings?

A flash briefing is an overview of news, podcasts, comedies, and other skills. What is so cool about being on a flash briefing in Alexa? While you get on Alexa Skills, which you can create with a developer, you can be involved in everyday lives while people brush their teeth, comb their hair, take a shower, or even clean as they ask "Alexa, what is the quickest workout I can do before my next meeting?" in which Alexa can play audio from your blog or podcast of your latest 5 minute workout. Vaynerchuk explains that this will be the new way people buy stuff in the future. The idea is to strike while the iron is hot and the land grab is very valuable.

Get a Developer

In order to create a skill in Amazon Alexa, you will need to build it in Amazon's developer console, and it's probably best you use a developer for this. A lot of this stuff seems easy enough though. You can make Alexa just read your blogs, or you can add audio of other content you have. People like Gary Vee use their daily podcasts to put in there flash briefings, but you can also use audio from your YouTube videos, or IGTV videos and create content that way.

SPB Productions Can Help!

Whether it's Facebook and Twitter, or Amazon Alexa and Google Home, SPB Productions can help you update your social media game! We understand that social media marketing can become a burden, so that is why we have five packages to choose from! If you need help on a new campaign or just need an extra set of hands of what you are already doing, SPB Productions has got you covered! For more information, schedule a discovery call today!

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