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Getting Verified on Instagram

One of the biggest mysteries on the internet is how can I get verified on Instagram? Any non- social media users might think it's silly to get that blue check mark next to your name for anyone that is not a public figure. However, for many influencers on Instagram, it's a necessity in order to get things like sponsorships and brand deals. It's also a big ego boost, you know the "I got the blue check mark, so you need to take me seriously" sort of deal. Yet, up until recently it was a huge secret on how people could get verified on Instagram.

It Just Became Easier

If you are an influencer and want to become verified on Instagram, you can now apply directly through your account. Just go through your Profile then Settings. See pictures below, pictures courtesy of Instagram.com. You will need your account username, full name, and a copy of your legal or business identification. Instagram's Chief Technology Officer , Mike Krieger says "you’ll receive a message in your notifications tab confirming or declining it." He doesn't mention how long the process can take but he does say that Instagram will never ask for payment or confirm your verification. This is probably to avoid scammers, and hopefully to stop the black market Instagram verification trade.

What is the Black Market Instagram Verification Trade?

The BMIVT, is where people can pay up to $15,000 to get their name verified on Instagram and apparently, it's a big business. People pay their bills with just one or two verified check marks a month, according to Mashable. It seems that these middlemen have an "in" with the people that work for Instagram and can get them the verified accounts. Instagram has quite obviously caught wind of this and is looking to shut the market down with a form. Will the BMIVT ever come to a close? With people charging around $6,000 per verification, it's going to make it harder for sure.

Why is it Important to get Verified?

It's a status symbol for the most part, "It grants users a prime spot in search as well as access to special features" on Instagram. For SEO purposes, getting top search results is amazing! It's too early to tell if Instagram's verification form will actually grant verification or if it'll just randomly give it to whoever is friends with the guy working on the account at Instagram's HQ, but a form is a step in the right direction towards transparency of the process.

Need Help Understanding Instagram?

It can be a real burden to keep up with the comments and followers on your Instagram page. Whether you are an influencer, a business or a brand that needs to grow their following, SPB Productions can help you get to the level you need to be! With over five years of digital marketing experience, we input the best practice you need for your pages. If you are in need of social media management for your business or personal brand, schedule your FREE discovery call today!

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