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Taking a Break from Facebook? You're Not the Only One

Studies have shown that too much Facebook can be a bad thing. In fact, there is an op-ed piece in the New York Post where they say that Facebook could be potentially damaging to your mental health. With the average Facebook user spending 50 minutes a day on the site, (or if you are like me, you're are spending more than 12 hours a day on it), and getting bombarded with tons of content, it seems like it might be getting a little too much for some. It might mean taking a break from the social media site all together.

Where Are They Going?

Well if you are Generation Z then you are ditching Facebook for Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. In fact over 85% of teens prefer YouTube over Facebook, which is HUGE if you are in the tween/teen market. Why is YouTube such a big channel for teens and tweens? The research says that while Facebook takes 51% of the teen market, YouTube and Snapchat come at a near tie with the most usage. It's no secret that these sites are also the most visually appealing, something that Facebook has struggled with for many years. They are trying to make up for it with Facebook Watch and promoting videos all throughout the site, however demographic wise, it looks like YouTube has already set the standard for influencers and growth.

What Does This Mean for Small Businesses?

While it's true, that some businesses have faced a sharp decline in reach. It doesn't mean all is lost. Let's face it, people have been saying #deletefacebook since 2009, and remember those fake messages that people were getting about Facebook charging users? It was all a hoax and people have also mentioned the demise of Facebook since it's creation. The bottom line is that Facebook isn't going anywhere, and it will evolve just like how it's evolving into something different. It's important to remember that Facebook isn't just a social media site, but it's also one of the biggest sites on the internet. They have a ton of say in the next stages of internet innovation. Instead of just threatening to leave Facebook, figure out what can you do to make the experience better.

Feedback is Important!

Make sure you are asking your followers what do they want to see! If they don't want to see anything of yours, ask why and look at your insights for what posts gets the most engagement. Ads are also a good place to start looking at demographics too. Not only can you see who liked your content, but you can also see who has the potential to like your content. Look-alike ads are great for this. When you are a small fish in a big pond, then you know the importance of standing out. Make sure you pay attention to the details of each and every piece of content you put out on Facebook. Write a lengthy post if that's your thing, or post a video if you are comfortable enough. Whatever your content is, make sure it's relevant and to the point. You don't have to make it complicated!

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