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Catapult Your Referral Network With Social Media

Referrals are some of the best ways to get new clients or customers for many businesses. That simple "hey, this person or service was really good from this business, you should go to them" is a great way for people to gain business. This was the way it has been for many years until the internet came along. From the late 90's to the early 2000's it was all about how good your website was and how well you engaged with your audience via blog comments and message boards. Now it's all about how well you can engage with folks on social media, how can you captivate your audience, how can you make them stop and look at the picture or video on their feed? More importantly, how quickly can they share your content to their friends?

Profile Optimization

Making sure that all of your profiles are optimized to the fullest extent on all of your social media pages. For example, on Instagram you should create a profile picture that subliminally leads users to follow your page. Lewis Howes, a social media maven, who has many followers and great content (yes I am saying to follow this guy) is a great example of this. Image courtesy of Lewis Howes' Instagram page.

Also take note that he has optimized his bio page to say a lot in very little space, which is huge for Instagram. The use of emojis works really well here. Let's go to another example.

This is another amazing influencer, and all across social media queen, Rachel Pedersen. She is my mentor and is seriously amazing. Check out her cover and profile picture. Her simplicity is what is really gold here (Rachel's SMU crew, see what I did there?). She also did something that I recommend all businesses do which is have your username the same for all platforms.

Blogging or Even Better Podcasting

Writing a blog post between 500-700 words every week or podcasting every week can help you create the content you need for all of your social media sites. Using Adwords Keywords Planner is a great way to start looking for what people are searching for online for your niche. Video content is very popular and you can create a bunch of content at once, split that up within three months across all social media platforms. Once you optimize the content for all pages, you can get people talking!

Post Frequently and Engage with Your Audience Constantly!

Posting twice a day on Instagram, once a day on Facebook and three times on Twitter is a great way to start and is what most experts recommend. Make sure to engage with the community as well, on Instagram, go into the hashtags and see what people are talking about and what kind of content is getting people talking. On Facebook, release a five minute video about your podcast or blog. On Twitter write a short paragraph of what is in your blog and why they should see it.

Lost on Engagement? SPB Productions Can Help!

If you are stuck in a rut on engagement on all social media sites and you need a boost, SPB Productions can help you get out of it. A lot of businesses can help you get followers but none of them can help you get the relevant followers you need to get people talking about your business! Referrals are great for any business and the more you can get off of social media marketing the better. To learn more schedule your FREE discovery call today to get a consultation and a strategy that you can go off of!

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