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Integration of Slack in the Workplace

It's no secret that there are other communication tools that started to take over some work areas. AIM used to be very popular in work spaces before it went away for good last year. We are starting to see Slack and similar tools, not only take its place, but become a better, more streamlined tool for the work place. As I explained in my other post about email going extinct, there are simply better forms of communication out there on the internet and the quicker your company gets on them, the more streamlined your line of communication will be for your entire team.

Slack is Growing....Fast!

For this particular post, I would like to focus on Slack, which has become a mainstay in many work place environments. As of September 2017, Slack has over six million daily users, nine million weekly users and 50,000 teams paying for its services (43% of those teams are in the top 100 in the nation by revenue, according to Forbes). Why is Slack so unique? Mainly because you can add your entire team on it and only certain people to different channels. For example, if you have your own digital marketing team on Slack, you can have a #paidsocial channel, #seo channel, #copywriting channel, #localsearch channel, #socialmedia channel and #funnygifs channel all on one convenient account. You can learn more about how to set up channels on my other post about Slack.

Infographic Courtesy of reportlinker.com.

IM is Popular!

There's something about instant messaging in general that just makes the conversation a lot more fun, and if you are the typical company, it's likely that you are using more than one communication or chat app. Text or Facebook Messenger is usually the other type of tool. In fact, more than 40% use some type of instant messaging tool at work. IM is more popular in the tech industry where 71% percent of employees use it and "internationally, 63% is used in the entire workforce". Wow!

Bottom Line? If You Aren't On IM, You Need to Be!

SPB Productions uses all sorts of communication tools: Slack, Google Hangout, Skype, Basecamp, etc. While most companies like use phone for their conversations, some like to use Skype (I had a handful of interviews with Skype and Zoom) for a more personable feel and some companies are just used to talking through email or in person. Neither way is wrong, but with Facebook changing its algorithms every five seconds, more and more companies are going to be REQUIRED for their teams to use a better form of communication, especially for digital marketing. The question isn't why is instant messaging used in the workplace, it's why aren't you?

No Slack? No Problem!

While we like to use all the latest tech out there, SPB Productions can help you understand the many tools essential for communication in your team! We offer consultation services for your digital marketing needs, and with six years of experience in digital marketing you will be getting top notch expertise in everything from online reputation management to local search to social media. To learn more, schedule a free discovery call today!

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