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Do #hashtags Still Work?

Hashtags are a great way to tag yourself on social media and it's actually a great tracking system for the internet in general. Tags have been used in many platforms (blogs, social media and many more) on the internet for the last two decades. It's a great way to organize content and the overall user experience on any social media platform. If you need to find information on a topic, you can go through the hashtags on Twitter, or just search for the keyword in the search bar on any social media platform. While hashtags have been proven effective in the past, the question remains do hashtags still work on social media?

The Answer is Sometimes

While hashtags can still be used effectively on some social media platforms, the number of hashtags can vary on effectiveness for each platform. Engagement rates for hashtags on Facebook, for example, are typically lower than on Twitter or Instagram since the number of hashtags matter more for those platforms than Facebook. Why is that? Well Facebook basically wants to be Google, they want to have their own platforms for everything (Facebook Watch, Facebook Dating, etc). What does that have to do with hashtags? A lot.

Hashtagging on Facebook Doesn't Work Anymore

The truth is, if you are not using branded hashtags on Facebook, you're wasting your time with hashtags. Hashtags are #over on Facebook, keywords and story branded content matters the most. I mean when was the last time you saw a Fortune 500 company on Facebook use a bunch of hashtags? It's all about story telling and branding yourself on Facebook. If you are a small family owned business and want to tell everyone on Facebook how you get repeat customers, then you might want to run ads of your customers testimonials. If you are planning on telling it through Facebook, then doing video is your best bet.

Instagram is Hot with Hashtags!

The opposite is true with Instagram, the more hashtags the better! This doesn't mean you can just put random hashtags and expect engagement. You need to have relevant hashtags, and all-hashtag.com is an amazing resource for Instagram hashtags that are current and relevant. Story telling is also important for Instagram as well (remember that Facebook owns Instagram), so tell a story with high quality, no text picture (preferably one of yourself) and tell your story, your battle with depression and how you overcame it or how your childhood struggles helped shaped you into the CEO you've become. This combined hashtags will make your engagement go through the roof!

Having Trouble? SPB Productions Can Help!

If you are experiencing low engagement on Facebook, excessive hashtags could be the issue. Using hashtags effectively on social media is one of the best tools you can have under your marketing belt. SPB Productions can help you get the following and engagement you are looking for with the right kind of hashtags for your social media pages. Need help? Schedule your FREE discovery call with me to get an audit and consultation of all of your social media pages today!

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