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Creating a Personal Brand

Whether you just started your business, or had it over 20 years, getting a personal brand is always a good idea. These days people want to know the person behind the company, not just the company itself. This is the reason why many people like to create personal brand accounts rather than business accounts on social media, because it's so much more personable. I'll admit, I am still working on my own personal brand. It's hard trying to get started and getting it right because there is so much to think about. What do you want to promote? What do you want people to know about you? It's tough, but the reward is well worth the work you put into it!

Why Is Two Better Than One?

Creating a personal brand can be beneficial in so many ways! You can cross promote your business on your personal brand and promote other things that may not fall in line with your business. Think about it, you are a multi dimensional human being! Your business is one side of you, so while you might have a successful coaching business, you might also be an extremely successful personal trainer before that, or a nutritionist. You might also come up with creative, healthy recipes that you can share on your personal brand channels. This would be an amazing way to channel all of your passions into one personal social media channel and lead that into your business.

Make Sure Your Profiles Look Sharp!

That's right no more random selfies you take with your friends, if you are a CEO, you need to make sure you have professional looking head shots across all platforms. Why is this important? Just like in my previous posts, I talk about how looking professional will get people to take you seriously as a brand. However, I would say make sure that your pictures fall in line of what your brand is about. If you are a yoga instructor and have your own yoga studio, you will want to make sure your head shot has trees in the background and you are in workout gear. A suit and tie look will not fall in line with your "zen for the garden" brand.

Share and Create Content That's Valuable!

What do I mean by this? Create content that is valuable to your customers, or potential customers. When creating a blog post, a podcast, a graphic for social media, are you asking yourself "Am I solving a problem that my customers aren't getting from somewhere else?". If the answer is no, then you need to look at your content, your products and your strategy (a funnel strategy) and make sure you are solving a problem that most of your customers have. If you are a fitness trainer then most of your customers want to lose weight. What is your solution to that problem? Is it a "get ripped fast" program or is it a "here's a six month to lose weight the natural way to lost 25 pounds or more" program? Is it a free lead magnet that offers what you can do right now to lose one pound a week? Or is it a video on how eating dairy inflames the digestive tract? It's up to you!

We Can Help!

SPB Productions has six years of experience working with both companies and personal brands. We can help you reach out to brands and other influencers in your field to boost your social media to where you know it can be! Interested? Schedule a FREE discovery call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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