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3 Things You'll Forget to Do During the Holiday Rush!

It's less than a week until the famous national shopping holiday, Black Friday or for many online businesses, Cyber Monday and it's sales, BOGO and FOMO galore! Whether it's 50% your promotional coaching services, or doing a buy ten kickboxing classes and getting five free for the new year, the holiday season is a great time to get new customers! If you are one of the many businesses that's prepping for the upcoming holiday season, then you are for sure getting ready to pull out all the stops for your social media campaigns. In between the hectic end of year sales, and the constant promotional holiday push for the season, it's easy to forget the every day stuff you are supposed to be doing with social media. Here are three things that you will forget to do with your social media this holiday season.

1. Re purposing Content

I have talked about re-using old content before, but a lot of people tend to forget this during the holiday season in particular. Have an old blog post about how to make the best Christmas cookies with your gluten-free flour? Create a video about it! Do you have an old video about the benefits of a meat-free diet? Create another and shorter video about it with a holiday twist! The holidays are a time to be creative with your marketing so go wild with the content you already have in place!

2. Giving Lots of Value.....For Free!

Don't create content if your audience is not getting a lot of value from it! Make sure every piece of content that you put out is providing lots of value. Why? To gain the trust of your audience. If you are a vegan yoga instructor, you will need to put out a weekly series on Facebook Watch or IGTV or even YouTube video about how you can achieve your weight loss goals by the end of the year by switching up a few things in your diet right now. If you are a baking company that likes to deliver their cookies, brownies or breads to residences or businesses fast, then you can create a great web series on how your customers are enjoying their treats for the holiday season.

3. Replying to Comments and Messages as Fast as You Can!

This is a very simple strategy but an extremely powerful one that has stood the test of time, of not just social media but to all aspects of the internet. Think about it, people recognize you and your brand a lot more if you are constantly engaging with them, and email is a very good example of this. When you are constantly engaging with a customer via email, your name and brand is what they are going to remember. That trust is already there, so when they see your emails they won't be so inclined to put it in the trash. Same goes for social media, when someone compliments your product or service, you are more inclined to respond as a business, but what about the other posts? Replying to comments and messages especially throughout the holiday season will definitely not hurt your already killer strategy.

Holidays Are Crazy! We Can Help!

SPB Productions knows how the holiday season is busy season for many business owners and we can help you lessen the burden of handling your social media accounts, by engaging with your customers, and creating campaigns that convert! Let someone else take over your accounts for the holiday season, help out with your campaigns and funnels. Interested? Schedule a call with us today to discuss strategy!

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