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Make Your Holiday Sales Instagram Worthy!

If you are one of the many businesses doing holiday deals this season, then you might also be worried about how you are going to make your posts go viral on social media. I recently saw a Black Friday ad, that made me laugh, it's from Betabrand and it's amazing! Talk about creativity! They definitely knew who their audience was and if you look at that engagement, it looks like they got customers from it! These guys have been targeting me for a while now and I might become a customer cause come on it's work yoga pants. While this isn't an Instagram ad, it's a great example of how creative you can be during the holidays.

Have An Instagrammable Backdrop!

I went to a Facebook conference recently, and one of the things I learned there was how businesses (specifically brick and mortar businesses) can create an Instagram worthy backdrop. The best example I can give of this, is a cookie dough shop in Naperville, I used to go to when I lived in the Chicagoland area. They created a genius Instagram worthy background where people would take pictures (and selfies) of their cookie dough scoops. Here's a great idea that the Museum of Ice Cream Instagram page did with their Instagram background for the holidays. It's pink, sprinkles and sparkles, oh my! It tends to lean more to the teenage girl crowd, but hey men can like pink and sparkles too! If you are a brand that doesn't have a brick and mortar, a simple hashtag board that is on brand will do the trick!

Creating a Pop- Up Shop

Having a pop-up shop and promoting it on Instagram is such a great way to promote your brand during the holidays. If you are a fan of Top Chef, then you would know all about the pop-up restaurant challenge. That idea has taken off in other industries like toy-industry for example. There are companies out there that will let influencers create or in this case, kids, curate their entire collection. I spoke about companies crowd-sourcing their next campaign in my last post and it looks like this is going to be a big trend in 2019.

Dress Up and Go Live!

Going live is crucial for your brand, and many brands do this around their store(s) or even their home. Let your followers get to know you and how you do it for the holiday season. Let them see how you decorate for the holidays, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, let them see your traditions for the holidays. Since I am Indian, I celebrate Diwali. I didn't really do anything this year, but normally I would light candles around my apartment to fight off evil. There's a lot of celebration around Diwali as well; fireworks, candles, exchanging gifts, and celebrating love between friends and family. Creating something like this around your Instagram page will be great for your brand!

Want Help?

The holidays are a time of madness and mayhem for many businesses, so let SPB Productions help with all of your social media holiday campaigns this season! We can help you come up with a strategy that converts leads and can help you manage content on all of your pages! Interested? Schedule your FREE discovery call with me today!

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