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3 Predictions For Social Media in 2019

Social media has been through the ringer this year, with the many Facebook scandals, and data breaches almost each social media site has faced. Twitter still continues to decline, according to Gary V, companies still need to be on Twitter. Facebook's stock is not doing much better, with their stock on a sharp decline since July. However, Facebook is such a mainstay in pop culture and internet culture, their stock hit won't have much of an impact as Twitter. Facebook has partnered with so many businesses, like Spotify and many businesses will use their free services in exchange for their Facebook contact info. You might have seen this in the form of "signing in with your Facebook login". With all of this in mind, we have to look at what the future of social media holds in 2019. I give you three on my predictions that I think we should really focus on.

1. Every Social Media Platform Will Be Using Automated Messenger Bots

I've talked about the importance of using messenger bots for your Facebook page before, but I believe this might not be just a Facebook thing in the future. Instagram and LinkedIn messaging platforms are as important as Facebook. Since Instagram is getting more popular for businesses, we need to be looking at all the ways we could be optimizing the way we message our customers on that platform. Same can be said for LinkedIn as well. A lot of people (myself included) LinkedIn messaging to gain clients and build relationships, optimizing the messaging platform via third party or even within LinkedIn itself would be extremely beneficial for businesses.

2. Storytelling VS Content Marketing

Lifestyle is super important in social media marketing, and this is what I preach to almost every single one of my clients. When was the last time you bought something based on ONE static graphic? Exactly. There is little to no engagement on most static images on Facebook and Instagram because most people will fall in love with the brand lifestyle and the STORY they create on their page. This is exactly the reason why Snapchat took off. We interact with people "in the moment", so creating a story with a lot of randomness of what we do as a brand during the day will make your brand more personable. Creating graphics is nice, but once you interact with your audience like a "person" and not as a "brand". You will then get somewhere with your social media.

3. Live Streaming Will Be on Everyone's Social Media To-Do List

The importance of going live is something I have also talked about before and though video streaming is important, going live once a week will be mandatory (even for me lol). There are hundreds and hundreds of topics you can talk about no matter your industry when you go live. Since it's the holidays, you can go live about what you care about the most during the holidays, how you spend the holidays, or even how you can use your product or service during the holidays. You can do an #AsktheCEO session with your followers or even tell a story about how you've overcome something in your life recently and tie it back to your business.

Get Ready for 2019 with SPB Productions!

Q4 is not done yet, and we can help you get ready for 2019 with a brand new social media strategy or consultation. If you need new graphics, new videos, or just an overall social media consultation for the new year, schedule your FREE discovery call with me today. Let 2019 be YOUR year!

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