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Your Social Media Marketing Plan for 2019

Guests of the new Celebrity Ding Dang Dong will stay at the Plaza Hotel! Have you ever felt like your business should get the celebrity VIP treatment like the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone? If you have never seen the movie, you should! That boy lived every kid's fantasy in the '90s, and I never wanted to eat so much ice cream in my entire life! The thought of it now makes me physically ill, but it gave me a great idea. How nice would it be if you were able to treat your business as the Plaza Hotel? Your social media marketing plan for 2019, will help you prepare for that star treatment.

1. Relevant Content Creation

This means no click-bait! Click-bait is one of the worst things you can do to your social media pages because of how many social media sites like Twitter are taking down bots that do the same thing. If you are a holistic practice, that uses natural remedies for ailments, a pdf of all natural remedies or a video of all the benefits of turmeric and honey masks will get you more likes and follows rather than a pdf or graphic stating "how turmeric can save your skin!".

2. Quick Answers to Quick Questions

One of the things you need to worry about as a business is the fact that voice-controlled services will be a thing in 2019. Which means you will need to provide relevant content that answers long tailed questions like "how to get a quick workout in for Christmas" or "best natural home remedies for colds". Mobile responsive and mobile-driven websites will continue to be pushed to the forefront in Google related searches. As people continue to invest in voice-related devices, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the need for this type of content will be on the rise.

3. New Formats!

We've already talked about video becoming a big thing in 2019, but what about audio? Have you thought about starting a podcast? It's the biggest trend going on right now, and if you want to grow then you should probably start one. What about a video web series on YouTube, IGTV or Facebook Watch? Get with the program! These types of formats are what's going to set 2019 off in the digital marketing world, and you don't want to get left behind with a dead Facebook or Instagram page with little to no engagement.

4. Get a Plan!

You will need a plan for your brand in 2019, whether you believe it or not. It doesn't matter if your business is large, small, targeted or not, niche or wide scale, your business needs to have a social media content strategy plan in place for the new year. Your content needs to be personable, educational and it needs to connect with your audience. 78% of consumers buy products that speak to them on a personal level. It's time that you tap into that percentage of your audience.

SPB Productions Can Help!

What is your plan for getting leads or customers to buy your products or services in 2019? Be like Kevin in the Plaza Hotel in 2019! Not Marv! It's not Q1 yet, but we can help you figure out a great strategy for your business in 2019! We have all sorts of packages that will be perfect for any business of any size. Get the creative out of the way with SPB Productions handling your social media strategies and saving time for more important things for your business! Are you interested? Learn more by scheduling your FREE discovery call today.

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