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What's Your Lead Magnet(s)?

The two biggest questions I get about social media marketing are: How can I monetize my content and how can I gain leads? I talk a lot about social media here, but I don't really talk about what you need to have in place to monetize your pages. If you have done some online marketing or even traditional marketing, you will know about lead magnets. A lead magnet is where you offer something for free (an ebook, a pdf, or a webinar), and after your class or your book, you can give a great call to action at the end, explaining what you do. I like to use lead magnets myself, (and I am working on a few right now as we speak), but you might be asking yourself what is a good lead magnet? How can I create one? Or why do I need one?

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

It all depends on your industry! Are you a singer/songwriter? Create buzz by releasing a snippet of your song, and then lead them to a landing page where people have to sign up to your email list of upcoming performances to hear the latest song. Or you can also release a TINY snippet of a video performance on your Facebook channel, and tell them to follow your pages and tag their friends. You might have to go through a lot of people, but you will gain an audience pretty quickly. If you are a coach with high ticket clients, you can send a free ebook, webinar or video to your prospects. Sometimes, a free course does the trick as well.

How Can I Create One?

There are amazing tools out there right now for you to create a good lead magnet. Canva and Photoshop are great places to start for your ebook or pdf. If you want to do a webinar there's a lot of software out there for you to use, some of it for very cheap. Whether you want to create a webinar, video or pdf, you will need to create good content for FREE. Yes, this might come at a loss for you, but this is how you gain trust with your customers. I actually read that the more free content you put out there the better! It's a common strategy that Gary Vee and other coaches use. Neil Patel, the famed SEO expert, has a free tool on his website you can use to see how well you are incorporated SEO into your website. This costs him a TON of money each year, but he gains a lot of prospects and clients out of it!

Why Do I Need One?

Tons of reasons! If you want to monetize and/or gain leads, this is what you need to do: create something or provide a service for free. My gym has an offer where your first fitness class is free. I am sure they lose money from this, but since they get so many referrals, especially this time of year, they gain so many clients. Make sure it's GOOD content, don't provide a watered down version of what you are doing. Provide a good snippet of what you have to offer, so that people will come back for more. Once you created it, implement it via an ad, pop- up form on your website, or just put your magnet on your social media bios. If your content is good, then you will get leads!

I Need Help!

No problem! Social media isn't all about posting on Facebook all day (as some may lead you to believe). It's about creating and building your pages, so that you can monetize your content and create a great camaraderie with your prospects and clients. SPB Productions can create a great lead magnet, and a good funnel strategy for you in addition to your social media management. Learn more by scheduling your FREE discovery call with me today! On this discovery call, I will give you a free consultation on your social media pages, and learn more about what you do. You are also free to ask me any question you like!

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