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Pay Attention to LinkedIn

How is your 2019 shaping out? Are you writing down your goals? I have been bad about writing down my goals for my business this year, but I plan to do it! With all of this talk of changes for social media this year, we have to wonder what is your focus this year? Do you want to keep killing Facebook? Or do you want to start dominating other spaces? Maybe start dominating a space no one has really truly dominated yet? I've already talked about how you can dominate Reddit before, but I haven't talked about other untapped social media spaces or spaces that businesses don't really look into. The platform I want to talk about today is LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is amazing for businesses especially if you are a B2B business. Even if you aren't a B2B business, it's great exposure to a platform that hasn't been overtaken by its algorithm yet! LinkedIn is great for gaining to new clients or customers. Most people don't use it or even if they do it's to get a new job (up until recently, that's how I've used it.) LinkedIn is an amazing networking platform. Think of the days where you had to go to a networking event where you introduce yourself to a group of people in a circle. This is essentially what LinkedIn is, except without the awkwardness and stale donuts. Most people use it this way, but you can do a lot more than chatting it up with an old co worker!

Articles, articles, articles!

How much do you know about your industry? If the answer is "a ton!" then write an article about it! it's actually really easy to write an article on LinkedIn.

  1. Log into LinkedIn.com

  2. Click on Write an article.

It should look something like this

3. Add a picture! It could be anything, but make sure you use a stock photo or copyright free photos. Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay are all really good copyright free photo sites. Use Photoshop, Photoscape or Canva to make the graphic your own by adding a filter!

Write your article! It can be anywhere from 300-700 words, and you can talk about anything. Most people like to talk industry related stuff, but I like to talk about how social media management can benefit businesses.

Publish and create a post about your article. Add hashtags, and tag people if you like.

Once you have done that, the people looking at your profile will look at you as an industry expert because of all these articles (I suggest you do one at least once a month)


Connect with your ideal customers or businesses that you want to connect with! Don't just connect with anybody, connect with the people who you would love to have as a customer or client. You will find that you will have a lot in common with these connections and it will make sending that inital message that much easier!

Message them!

Some of you reading this will know this cause I did this, but this is such a great way to gain prospects! Most people do not realize the power of the LinkedIn message, and there's not a lot of people doing it. Here are some tips on how to send a good convertible LinkedIn message.

  1. Make sure your message relates to them

  2. Tailor your message to fit the client's company

  3. Do a CTA at the end, whether it's a free call, free pdf, or free ebook, make sure you get the right CTA for the right customer or client.

Need Help?

Client outreach is one of the most difficult aspects of a business, and SPB Productions can help you get there on LinkedIn! Interested in how LinkedIn can work for you? Get on a free call with me today!


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