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Get Organic Leads on Social Media!

It's Q1 of the new year, are you getting the leads that you want? Well, what's the main goal of marketing? Gaining leads, customers, or clients at the end of the day. I get more questions about how to monetize and get leads off of social media than any other inquiry about social media marketing. I do like to stress many of my prospects that while gaining leads would be the ultimate goal, it's so important to engage with your audience. Getting the trust of your followers on social media is crucial if you want them to convert into leads. How do you gain trust? That's a good question!

Get On Community Boards!

If there is one thing you should know about the internet it's that people love to complain and most people like to vent out their frustrations on community boards Craigslist and Facebook Groups. Sometimes, they like to vent their frustrations about a certain business via an online review on Google, but that's another topic for another day. Leveraging yourself as an expert on messages boards like Reddit, Craigslist, Twitter, or Quora can do wonders as far as gaining leads go. If you do it right, you can gain the trust of the online community, and in return, you will get people asking about what you do!

Use Word of Mouth

I know that there are quite a few of you out there that get clients from word of mouth. Why not incentivize your referral pool? Some people like to use money as a good incentive for giving referrals ($100 per referral is a great incentive!), however, some just like to give discounts or just give away stuff for free. DropBox was amazing at leveraging their referral pool by offering everyone that signed up free space (500 MB). They told everyone that if you wanted to get more space, tweet about DropBox or pay. Most people tweeted and DropBox , in turn, they were able to use each Twitter users database from every person that tweeted. Neil Patel talks about this in detail in his latest talk.

Reach Out to Bloggers and YouTubers

I did talk about the importance of influencers before, but I never talked about how you can get them for free by just giving them free stuff. If your product or service is really good, you'll get the entire YouTube community to talk about it with one influencer. The key here is to find the RIGHT influencer and the RIGHT type of niche that you are after. Once you do, the rest is golden. You will gain so many leads this way!

Use Your Network!

This is piggybacking off the word of mouth piece, but most people don't really use their network to their fullest potential. I know I didn't! If you go on Facebook right now and type " I am looking for new clients/customers, and I can only take on three more this time around. Send me a message to learn more." I guarantee that there will be at least one person that will send you a message expressing their interest.

Guest Blog!

I have done this before and it does work! If you are someone that is good with words, do a guest blog or do what's popular these days which is be a guest on a podcast series! It's great to get in front of a new audience with every single one you do. I haven't done one yet, but I will! People prefer to listen instead of reading. Sorry bookworms but it's the truth, no one likes to read anymore and that's proven with the rise of audio books. Even starting your own podcast with your own guests would be great as well!

Need Help?

Do you need help gaining the right kind of customers? Don't know how to do it without spending a lot of money on ads? SPB Productions can help you! We love to do things organically, and by using social media, influencer outreach and leveraging your network we can get you the growth you need in 2019! Interested? Schedule your FREE call with me today!

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