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Why Voice Search Is Important

"Google it when you get home!" is what you used to hear people say back in the day when we had DSL connections (or how about that dial-up connection?). How often do you search for things with your phone every day? Probably a lot right? Let's ask a more elucidate question. How often do you use your voice to search for things? Whether you use Siri, Alexa or Cortana to find out what the weather is or who was in that movie that you watched when you were 13, voice search is becoming more of a staple in our smartphone culture.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Smart speakers are looking at a 50% increase in sales in 2019 and half of all searches will be voice based in 2020. Those are really good numbers for SEO marketing purposes alone and a very good reason for any business to look into the voice search market. In fact, I talk about using Amazon Alexa flash briefings feature for businesses like Gary V did in his book Crushing It, in another post as well. Voice search is on the rise because people like using voice-activated devices. With 77% of Americans owning a smartphone and 32% owning a voice activated device, searching with these devices is way better than typing.

Why It Matters

If you are already doing SEO, or if you are considering SEO related services then this is a HUGE deal. It completely changes how we were doing search marketing beforehand. Long-tailed searches were something that was talked about for quite some time now but paired with voice search it could be huge for your business. Why does all of this matter? With AI and voice search becoming more of a power player in the industry, marketing could very much shift focus (I mean, let's face it, it already has) to voice-related search. If you are not keeping up, your previous number one spot on Google (and Facebook search too) will be taken from someone who IS doing this stuff.

How You Can Use It

Researching long-tailed keywords using Google Ads planner is a really good place to start. Comparing that with the content on your website pages with Google Analytics (if you don't have this please look into it), would do wonders for your SEO. Also looking into the flash briefings by Alexa and Google Assistant which came out with its own version, would get your SEO on track and into 2019. You can also put this content into your YouTube videos, Facebook Watch videos, IGTV, podcasts and into blog posts that all link back to your website.

How SPB Productions Can Help

If you are struggling to understand what I just said, no worries! That's why I am here to help! With over seven years of digital marketing experience, including SEO and content creation. If you don't have the time to do all of this for your business, SPB Productions can come up with a good SEO plan that can get you the leads you need! Interested? Let's get on a free discovery call to talk about your SEO and social media options today!

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