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Let's get down to business.....to defeat....the Huns! That's my favorite song from one of my favorite Disney movies in the entire world, Mulan. That movie was such a defining moment for me as a little nine-year-old kid living in Michigan, cause there weren't many Asian characters in entertainment. There are still not a lot of Asian characters in entertainment, but that's another blog post for another time. As a kid, seeing Mulan fight off the Huns on her own (with the help of Mushu and some members of the army), was incredibly inspiring. I would like to say that I gained a lot of my independent attitude from the actions Mulan made in that movie and the poem, Fa Mulan, that was originally based off of.

Warrior Like Women

Like Mulan, who did a lot of amazing things, there is a lot of stuff that women are doing in 2019. From STEAM related subscription services to building pods for mothers to breastfeed at airports. It's amazing what can happen when we open the floodgates for women to innovate and become bosses in their own right. This isn't just about breaking the glass ceiling, it's about breaking down a wall that has been up for so long for women. Although we've made lots of progress, we still have so many barriers that we still have to cross.

How Does This Relate Back to Social Media?

Women dominate the social media market, with 73% of users in 2018, however, women make up 26% of small business owners in the country with that number is increasing by 10% year over year. Pinterest is still the biggest social media site used by women, after Facebook and Instagram. What does this mean? If you are a woman, there's a lot of room to grow your business on social media if you are a small business. Even if you are a man, you can still gain a lot of customers that are women if you use the right targeting methods. While social media is just ONE of many tools in your arsenal that you can use to target your audience. It's a big part of a bigger online strategy. The bottom line is that, if you don't have the right tools your strategy could still fail at the end of the day, and you won't get the ROI you want to see with your business.

It's Up to You at the End of the Day!

I could name a bunch of women that inspired me to become an entrepreneur, my mother included, but really at the end of the day, it was me. I was the one who sent out the proposals, set up the website and got the clients at the end of the day. It was me, who scheduled posts and wrote posts like this one. This is the point I wanted to make in the other blog post I made about mindset. You can be inspired by anyone, but it's really you and the work you've done with your mindset that gets you from A to B. I've learned that anyone can tell you anything to make yourself feel better, but it's up to you to take action and put the tools to use!

SPB Productions Can Help You!

One of the many joys I have in life is teaching others the methods to my madness! What does that mean? I love to teach others what I do in order to become successful, in their own social media marketing efforts. SPB Productions doesn't offer just digital marketing management, I also like to consult, and I do offer hourly rates for those who can't afford my regular services. It's something I don't advertise too often, but my advice helps those who are in a situation where they can't afford a regular marketing person to help with promoting their brand on social media. If you are in a situation like this, schedule your first FREE consultation with me today, and I can tell you what you can do for your business!

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