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5 Ways You Can Design Social Media Graphics on a Budget!

So, you're are one of the millions of business owners in the world that doesn't like to use social media managers or graphic artists to create art on social media. There's a lot of you out there that don't want to spend a lot of money on a graphic designer, I get it. However that leaves a lot of you with no idea what to do otherwise. You want your content to look like Gary Vee without the Gary Vee budget. A lot of you are going to say it's not possible. Well I am here to say it's not IMpossible.

Not Gary Vee - But Close!

Now I am not saying your content will look like the amazing Gary Vee's content (he has VaynerMedia which he has a full blown content team for all of that stuff), but believe it or not, your social media can look fantastic on a minimal budget. There are so many industry secrets that I am going to make you very aware of right now! Did you know you can create insta-quality photos with just your phone, good lighting, foam core, and marble paper? Yes I said marble paper!

1. Use Your Team To Your Advantage!

A lot of people in major companies, do not use the artistic talents of their own team! If you have your own team that has a lot of creative ability, it might be time to change their roles up a little bit (and pay them a bit more, just saying). You can save so much money, by using the equipment they already have or invest in some more equipment that you might have yourself to create amazing videos, graphics and spruce up your website a little bit. You might already have software that you are not using! In my experience, most business owners did not know they already had PhotoShop installed. Even if you don't have PhotoShop, there are many other free alternatives.

2. Like Canva!

I cannot say enough good things about Canva, it's been a staple at every 9-5 job I've been in, including the one I am at now, and in SPB Productions. There are so many things you can do in Canva now it's absolutely insane. The possibilities are truly endless there and there are several people that got featured in magazines from designs created in Canva! If you can afford it, you can do the Pro version which has unlimited teams and more templates you can choose from. The free version works just fine otherwise.

3. Using Free Stock Photos and Videos!

Take a look at this video I created using just stock photos and videos. Decent right? This was a test video that isn't anywhere near what I wanted it to be, but it still looked good!

Where can you get free stock photos and videos you ask? I am so glad you asked! These sites are great. I use them myself!






You can also use some of your own pictures and videos that you created as well!

4. Using Brand Psychology to Your Advantage!

Did you know that most people associate purple with bold and powerful? That's why I have it everywhere on my branding. Other than the fact, the I love purple. Purple, actually carries a strong meaning for me. Purple also stands for intuition and holistic approaches, which is what I also represent. If you are in the middle of re-branding, find the colors that speak to your personality and play off of them! Make it play a part of your social media as well as your website.

5. Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Camera Phone!

Take a look at these pictures below:

These headshots were all taken from my phone believe it or not. What do I recommend?

  • Take your pictures outside or somewhere with good natural lighting.

  • Make sure you take some test shots to check out your good angles.

  • Wear something appropriate for the occasion!

  • Use a decent editing program (Canva or Befunky works!), again some photo editing skills come into play here.

A lot of people don't know that you can create many high quality insta-ready photos with just these tips alone!

Still Need Help? No Problem!

Let's say you have the tools, but are stuck on the creative part. If you are in dire need of social media creative help, then I am your girl! SPB Productions can take you to the next level with all of this stuff I mentioned and more! I can help you create a social media strategy that works for you, and your company. My boutique style helps create that one on one experience with just you, so you are not just another number at any agency. Interested? Book a call with me today to learn more!

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