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4 FAQs on Investing in Social Media Management

For many businesses, marketing is one of the most grueling and time-consuming tasks to take on. This is why most business owners like to outsource it out. You might have a website, a blog, an email list and ads on Google, but you are still not getting in front of the audience you need. Maybe you don't even have any of this stuff, and just want to get started on social media. Either way, I get a lot of people who are curious about social media management saying that "I am not sure if I really need it?" or "what's the point?, I can do all of this myself?". I can answer all of these common questions and more, in this week's post!

1. "Why Do I Need Social Media Management?"

I actually answer this question in a lot more detail in another blog post. There's a ton of reasons why you should have social media management. The biggest reason is that social media is always changing, I mean do you know about Tik Tok? It's formally known as Musically, and it's a cool way to integrate music with your videos. I am doing some testing on the app right now, and it's going well! There are a ton of untapped spaces that only seasoned social media managers would know about. You can really take your brand to the next level when you have someone on your team that knows a lot of these updates (like the new Instagram checkout feature).

2. "I can do all of this myself!"

Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, there's a lot of people that do this all themselves. The whole point of getting someone else on your team is to relieve you of one of the many hats that you probably wear in your company. If you do have a team, it's to provide the expertise that your team might be lacking. Here's the thing, getting a social media manager is a luxury, you can't afford it, don't do it. Definitely, don't take out a loan to do it either. If you think your team can handle it all, but might need some extra help then I would suggest taking some online courses (my masterclass is coming soon!), so that you or your team is more knowledgable. Once they are trained, you won't need to pay another person on your team.

3. "I already had an SMM/SEO/Website Manager/VA person and I had little to no results!"

If you did have a bad experience with an inexperienced social media manager, website manager or a virtual assistant person before, then I am sorry. It's hard to trust when you've been burned, that goes for business and in life. All I can say in this situation, you will really have to do your research the next time around. I encourage everyone on my calls, to ask any questions they want about my background as a social media manager, if they want, I can even give them a sample of my work to prove that I am the real deal. Anyone can sell you anything, but will they deliver on what they spoke about over that phone call? If they are confident enough in their skills and show you what they can do then of course.

4. "I Have No Clue What I Need!"

Great! This is a good opportunity for you to invest in a digital marketer (like myself) that knows what you need! There are some very basic things you need to have in place before you even start ANY work with social media management.

  1. Do you have a funnel? If you want leads, then funnel marketing is the way to go. You will need an email list or a form to capture emails on a landing page for lead generation. If you don't already have this in place, it needs to be set up.

  2. Do you have a blog/podcast/video series or some other long-form content out on the internet? If yes, then great! There's the key to all of your social media content!. If not, then it's time to build something like that out.

  3. Do you have an email list? If yes, then invite all of those people to like or follow you on all of your pages. If not, then an email list then start one. I would start on one based on all the people you've contacted in the last few months. If you are an e-commerce store, you can easily grab your customers email when they checkout.

Need Help?

If you need social media management, but can't find the right help you need. Contact me today and relieve all of your digital marketing with SPB Productions! While we can do (and have done) everything digital marketing, we like to specialize in social media because you can reach the audience you want to on there. If done right, it can be a powerful tool to leverage your audience to get your company to that next level. Interested? Schedule a call with me today!

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