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You've Been Laid Off...Now What?

Some of you may or may not know that I actually had a full-time job (complete with benefits and a 401k) along with having my own freelancing business. Well, sad to say I just got laid off from my full-time job. I would like to say "wow totally didn't see that coming!" however, I did. Most of you are business owners, but I am sure you all had jobs at some point, where it feels like it wasn't what you signed up for. That is how I felt towards the end. As an entrepreneur, I am like this is like the best thing that could've happened to me and that I should count my blessings. However, as someone with bills to pay, I am like "there goes that security blanket!".

Mindset is Key

I just talked to my mindset coach the other day, and she told me that I need to focus on my big picture. Which is so true, I constantly wonder "what is life past freelancing and work?". I think my goals have slightly shifted since I've started working full time. My goals we went from being a famous writer to being the best copywriter/digital marketer. I have talked about mindset before, and it's hard work. You are used to thinking a certain way about things, and whether that's society or if it's just how you grew up, believing that you are supposed to be one of many in an organization is an employee mindset. I could go on and on about how American public schools are training kids to be this way, but I don't really want to talk about that now.

Re-Training My Thought Process

For a long time, I had an employee mindset and not someone who really owned a business. That's how I was approaching pitches, and everything else I did in my company. Now, thanks to a few amazing people, it's not the way I think anymore. There's a lot of chains I put on myself because I thought I had to be at a certain point to do it. There really wasn't a certain someone or anything that really stopped me from achieving what I knew I could've achieved. It was all me, and I had to re-train my thought process from thinking that I SHOULD do something vs thinking I CAN do something.

Laid Off to Laid On

I know this isn't the end, and I am probably going to find something else soon. However, it seems like I have to change something, and it's almost like burning the old road away to create a new path for the new road. What are we going to do now? As of right now, there aren't any rules, restrictions or rhythms I have to follow. It's all up to me and I have to learn (or re-learn in this case) how to be a BOSS. I think this is something a lot of business owners go through as well. We try to figure out a process that works well for us and if it doesn't work we have to find another way that works.

Mindset Takes Time

I understand that mindset isn't an overnight thing, it's a lifelong process. Many successful business owners have time set aside for mindset work or as my coach calls it, JST (just sit there) time. The one thing I found that is super important when it comes to mindset work, is that you have to let a lot of things go. This isn't just a business thing, it's a "life" thing as well. It's something I never would've thought I ever get this deep into because it gets so personal. However, mindset takes over your life, not just your business. That is something that I am definitely trying to learn a little bit more of.

Let's Talk!

I am not a mindset coach but I am a coach! I can help take your social media to that next level. I do consult work as well as management work, which means I can write out a good strategy for your social media pages and help you implement those tactics. If you are looking to take that next step in your social media management, please schedule your free discovery call today!


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