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5 Things You Are Doing WRONG on Social Media!

Whether you are a big business or a tiny little startup, social media marketing is a fundamental tool to have in your marketing strategy in 2019. We are in Q2, which means if you don't have something in motion for your social media already, you will be very behind. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, social media is a MUST-HAVE for businesses these days. Unless you are an expert (like me) in it, you are probably going to be making a lot of rookie mistakes. Which is okay! Nobody is perfect at everything. I know I wasn't when I started (heck I am still learning!). I've laid out the five rookie mistakes that you should probably fix right now on social media.

1. Being visible on EVERY SINGLE social media platform

While it is true, that it's good to be on multiple platforms, but you want to be on the RIGHT platforms. If you are a beauty expert, it's important to be on the big six (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube Instagram, and Snapchat or TikTok). However, for someone in the finance industry, for example, may only need to be on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Different industries require different platforms. If you are already experiencing growth in one area, it's best to stay on that platform as long as you can before you build another one out. You can always lead people to the other platforms with that one.

2. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

This is one of the biggest problems I see in many businesses that need help with their marketing. If you can't identify your audience, you will not be able to grow because you are stuck with finding the content you need to market your audience. If you do not know who you are trying to sell to on social media, then your entire social media strategy will be as stable as a Jenga game.

It's important to note that 83% of Pinterest users are female ages between 25-54, and in that same age bracket, 59% use Facebook. Want to know another super important stat? Facebook just dropped to third most visited website. Who took its place? YouTube. This makes video marketing on social media more important than ever!

3. Posting inconsistently

Another mistake I see all too often is businesses posting way too much or not nearly enough. When I am auditing a page, this is what I look for. When is the last time this page posted any content? If it's more than two weeks, then you need help! If it's posting every other hour or two, then you need even more help lol. Posting once MAYBE twice a day is ideal for most social media pages. Some people think the more you post, the more visible you are, and that may have been the case ten years ago, but the algorithm has changed A LOT since then. It's always about quality more than quantity with most social media posts anyways, so it's best to leave it to one post per day or maybe five posts a week.

4. Using Social Media as the Silver Bullet

Social media is a great tool to leverage your audience and create leads, however, that does not mean it should be your ONLY marketing strategy. This is another huge mistake I see many people who already had social media marketing done to their page, is that they use it as their only form of online marketing. Again, social media is a tool to have in your overall online marketing strategy. You must have other forms of online marketing already in place in order to have a successful strategy. You will see little to no ROI if this is your only strategy.

5. Not Using Analytics

If you are not measuring what you are doing on social media, then you are not setting yourself up for successful growth of all of your pages. Measuring what has done well in the past and who you are reaching, is so important for advertising and branding purposes on social media. If you are not having monthly reports on your analytics already, then you will need to make it mandatory to have them on your team.

Need Help?

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