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I am not perfect....but neither are you

Changing your mindset is a long and evolving process that most entrepreneurs (including myself) are still learning how to do. There are just certain things that you can't predict in life, and this past couple of weeks have been very difficult for me. I got laid off from my job and a couple of things fell through for me that I didn't really expect to fall through. However, I've been very proud of myself for remaining optimistic about my outlook on life. I know that a year ago, that wouldn't have been the case. I would've been up all night listening to emo music and hating the world.

I am not a perfect person

To quote Hoobastank, "there are many things I wish I didn't do, but I continue learning", it's true. I don't have regrets, but if I could go back in time, I would change some things. However, I've learned that if I live in the past, I can't move forward. Working on myself is definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to do since becoming an entrepreneur, but it is so necessary. Resetting your mind to believe that you can do all these things, is a lot of work but once you pushed yourself to achieve one thing, I believe you can push yourself to achieve many other things.


Having goals is such a big part of this process, and I'll admit I am not one to write down my goals. I normally say what I want every single night, and see what happens later. I've been meaning to get a vision board because I've heard actually visualizing your dream life on a single board can better your chances at making it a reality. I am not sure how true that is, but I do know that visually seeing things every day will put your goals in the forefront of your mind. It's a psychological effect, similar to how visualizing that when you are taking a bath or shower, that you are washing away negativity. Which can lead to some people feeling a lot better after.


Negative thoughts have flooded my mind for a long time and as someone who deals with social media on a daily basis, it's hard not to indulge in the negativity. The internet can be a nasty place, I am old enough to have seen how nasty people were on message boards back in the day, well before social media. I wouldn't take part in the fights that happened unless I was baited. However, just viewing how people were rude to each other back then made me realize that negativity (as an empath) affected me differently. It hurt me to see other people hurting, and I couldn't be around it. When I got a Twitter account, I saw similar stuff happening and this continues today. I prefer to spread positivity these days and create a mindset where it's not all negative.


Most entrepreneurs face a lot of stress, but most of that stress is related to their business. Sometimes personal life too. I get stressed a lot, and it's because of me facing imperfection, which is something I have to work on. Meditation helps a lot but it's really hard as an empath who constantly feels things all the time. I find writing things out then burning it relieves some stress. Exercise also helps, I mean there's nothing more stress relieving than sweating it out at the gym. However, I found that it's so important to remain consistent, and it's tough when you are going through the day to day life. I believe this is why my mindset coach told me to make time for it every day, cause ,after all, it's an investment in you.

Let's Talk About Our Mindset Journey!

I am going to be talking about my mindset journey very soon on IGTV! My IG is @spbproductions where I mostly talk about my social media stuff, but I would love for you to talk about your mindset journey with me as well. This is a conversation, not a one-way street, so I would love to hear how your journey inspired you to become a better entrepreneur and a better person.

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