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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using TikTok

Have you ever heard of Vine? It used to be a fun little app where people could make fun little videos for under 30 seconds. You can see a bunch of vine compilations that people made on YouTube right here. It was definitely game-changing for those businesses who market to the millennial and Gen Z audience. Since then an app called Musical.ly came up, which is similar to Vine but incorporated music into the videos. Bytedance (the company that owned Musical.ly) bought TikTok and put in similar themes. You may be asking at this point, why should I care about a music app for my business? Here are three reasons why you should be using it!

1. Personal Branding

Like Snapchat, TikTok is where you can get really personal. I created a video not too long ago on TikTok, that got some decent engagement. This is a great opportunity where you can show a side of you that people wouldn't see and you can have lots of fun with. Dance is a great way you can incorporate your services or products with music. I mean this video is a very good example of what you could potentially do for your personal branding on TikTok.

2. Attention Grabbing Content

Like Vine, you have a HUGE opportunity to create attention-grabbing content under a minute. Creating a story that conveys to your audience under a minute is a dream on social media, and TikTok does just that. However, you have to be aware of your audience. Is most of your audience on Instagram, or TikTok? These are all things you will need to figure out beforehand, but once you do create that content it can go viral based on all the material you have in it. There's a lot of potential for rapid growth on that platform, and if you are not on it right now, you will be missing out on a huge opportunity.

3. Chance to Connect with Young Audiences

Gen Z and Gen I are on the app the most, so like I said you have to know your audience. Millennials are on the app as well, but not as often. However, that doesn't mean if your audience isn't on TikTok you shouldn't be using it. You might be a company that cares for senior citizens, but you can use TikTok to gain new young volunteers. If you are a company that likes to use music or dances a lot, this is another huge opportunity to use your talent!

What Kind of Businesses Thrive on TikTok?

I believe any business could do really well on TikTok, however, here's what businesses I can see excelling on TikTok:

Fashion brands. The fashion brand Guess recently did #InMyDenim campaign, which did AMAZING. It was a campaign that allowed fans to dance in their denim jeans to songs the brand uploaded.

Food brands. McDonald's Malaysia did a really successful contest where they let users upload a video to TikTok using the #BigMacTikTok hashtag and the songs they've uploaded.

Any brand that has music or dance as a focus! Remember that the younger millennials are some of the biggest consumers right now, it's imperative that you focus at least some part of your business on them!

Need Help?

Understanding a platform like TikTok can take time away from your business that you are focusing your efforts on. You will need a strategist that can help you out with your goals with all of your pages! Luckily, SPB Productions can do just that. Interested in learning more? You can schedule your free call with me today to see if social media management is right for you!

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