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5 Ways You Can Do Better with Your Video Strategy

Video is taking over all internet content! I've stressed this in many of my previous posts before that videos on social media are extremely important for your social media strategy. Videos now account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Also, more important (and relevant) mobile video consumption increases by 100% every single year. If your social media strategy doesn't involve videos in some form or another, then you, my friend, are doing yourself and your business a grave injustice. Let's say that you do have a video strategy going already for your social media presence. Here's how you can do better.

1. Know Thy Audience

This is a big one and one that I see a lot of startups fail to understand. I have worked with many startups who really didn't know what their audience is. That's fine, they are a startup! However, it's important to have a baseline of who they want to target. If you are a startup and do not know who to target for your video marketing on social media ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my ideal client or customer?

  • What age are they?

  • What social media channels are they on?

  • What kind of language do they use?

  • What kind of solutions can you provide for the problems they have?

Once you figured all of that out, you can come up with a pretty cool creative video strategy from there!

2. Clearly Articulate Your Topic

Whether your video is on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube you need to not only have a video that stands out, because your video is now competing with other videos on the social media platform it's on, but also you need to make sure that your video is clearly saying what it says on the title. In other terms, no clickbait!

Clickbait will get your video demonetized on YouTube and just not shown as relevant in other platforms very quickly. There is also a little SEO work involved in this with keywords, and I admit I am no SEO queen but I do know that YouTube is very big on keyword optimization. It is owned by Google after all. Google keyword planner is a great place to start with this and it's also a great way to research topics!

Also providing a good transcript of the video to anyone that landed on your video will be super helpful to anyone that wants to skim your content.

3. Storytelling is key!

If you are one of those people that gives informative details in your videos, make sure it's not boring! Add a story or a funny joke. People will often remember that and then the informative details a lot better. If it's a good story or joke, then they'll probably want to share it too!

This is a great time to:

  1. Show off your expertise

  2. Get personal

  3. Share new topics or updates on your industry

4. Call to Action

You MUST include a call to action at the end of each video, if not then what are you doing? You need to be telling your consumers that your services are the best and that they need to be calling or reaching out to YOU.

What do you see on every YouTube video? "Press the red button to subscribe and the notification bell so you can get all of my latest video updates!" That's a great example of a CTA to get new subscribers on YouTube.

What if you want people to click on a landing page? "Wanna learn more? Check out my FREE guide on how to make Facebook ads work for you by clicking on the link down below (or in the description box) and don't forget to subscribe today!"

5. Reviews Reviews Reviews!

People want some sort of social proof before making any sort of investment in what you do. This is why those reviews on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn really matter. If you have at least a couple of amazing clients or customers that really love your beauty products or fitness program, this is where you can legitimize yourself.

Even making a simple video of all of your testimonials can be enough for some people or just even a small little screenshot at the end of all of your ratings on all the major sites. If it's not a promo video then legitimizing yourself through positive comments, likes and shares will do just fine!


SPB Productions can help you create the videos you need for all of your social media pages. I can take the content you have or even create some on our own to get the buzz you want for each campaign you want to do. I can take these videos and put it into your email marketing, brand campaigns and a lot more! Interested? Let's get on a call to talk about your goals!

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