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Pinterest Takes on Videos!

There's a lot of social media sites that I talk about, but Pinterest is one of the social media sites that I talk about the least. I am not sure why either. Pinterest does have a lot to offer, besides the users being 75% women, and with it being a top search engine site. It's actually a great site, it's up 51 million users from last year alone! The growth is fantastic and if you are a brand that focuses on women or women related services and/or products then Pinterest is the place to be! I guess it's because Pinterest is very image oriented, not video related, but all of that is about to change!

Everyone is Doing Video, Including Pinterest!

I have said this before: YouTube is starting to get some competitors as far as stand-alone video sites go. If you take a look at Giada de Laurentiis Pinterest page, you can see this new feature in action! Pinterest has reported a 31% increase in inspirational video searches, and over half reported on taking action on videos seen on Pinterest vs any other social media site! If you are a beauty, natural, organic, or a food brand that is targeted to women. Pinterest videos are the way to go!

What Kind of Industries Benefit From This New Change?

There are industries that don't work, and industries that do work. Like Instagram, there are a number of industries that do really well on those platforms. Beauty, music, travel, entertainment, and food all do very well on Instagram and Pinterest. However, that doesn't mean there aren't industries that are being created at this very moment that can't do well. I can also see these industries doing amazing on Pinterest as well:

  • CDB

  • essential oils

  • environmentally friendly products (think recyclable products)

  • Coaches (health, sales, business, life)

  • Metaphysical shops (crystals, sage sticks, etc)

  • Psychics with tarot card "pick a card" readings on videos

  • and many more!

What Does This Mean for My Business?

According to eMarketer "the average time spent on mobile devices will grow 3.7% this year to 3 hours and 43 minutes a day, surpassing the 3 hours and 35 minutes spent watching TV." With this in mind, it's easy to see why Pinterest took this necessary step in the right direction towards videos. If you already have a Pinterest page, then great! You already have an advantage. I would suggest that you upload all of your videos to Pinterest as well as your other social media sites (not just YouTube). Pinterest also debuted their videos tab where users can watch all of your videos, comment and also take action. If you don't have a Pinterest page, it's time to get one. Now, if you are an automobile, transportation, sports team, that doesn't focus on women at all, maybe don't get a Pinterest page or make it the main focus. However, if, you are a company where at least half of your audience is women, you need to have one.

Less Competition with Ads

It's no secret that Facebook and Instagram are going the way to Google Ads with intense competition. Pinterest ads will get you more reach and more conversions. There's a case study by the bedding brand Buffy who reported that "20% of Pinterest users who end up making a purchase do so within a day of clicking on an ad, while 80% do so within 30 days". That number is higher than Facebook which is at an average 75% click-through rate. Which makes Pinterest absolutely perfect for those targeting direct-to-consumer audiences.

Do You Need Help with Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of those heavy labor social media sites that most business owners do not LOVE doing no matter how much they want to do it. SPB Productions is here to help you relieve the burden! From basic curation and pinning to ads and video content, we can do everything Pinterest! Want to learn more? You can schedule a call with me today, and we can have a conversation about your Pinterest page!

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