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What's Up with WhatsApp?

If you live in Europe or even in India, chances are you know about WhatsApp. Now, if you are one of the many Americans that have no clue about WhatsApp, you are not alone. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, it's only one of the most widely used messaging apps across the world! WhatsApp has now reached 400 million users in India, can you believe that? Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, and the biggest competitor that WhatsApp has in India is Messenger, which is from Facebook! The question is: what are you doing to reach all those people on WhatsApp?

What is WhatsApp?

In short, it's another version of Facebook Messenger, you can invite people on it via email or phone number, (I usually invite people via phone number), and most importantly you can CALL PEOPLE INTERNATIONALLY. Personally, this is one of my favorite features of WhatsApp, cause as an American when you tell anyone if they would speak to you via WhatsApp they know what it is and they will say yes. I love that. Yeah, you can call people on Skype, Zoom or even Messenger, but if you are in Asia, Australia or Europe, you are using WhatsApp,

Why Is This Important?

If you are not on WhatsApp, as a business, especially one that is does business internationally, then what are you doing? This is a whole untapped market that is potentially very lucrative that you are completely missing out on. How can you get followers? Two ways:

Creating a WhatsApp Group - You can get people to talk about the topics that you promote in your company. You can also use this group as a focus group.

Create an email campaign - Give them a phone number (doesn't have to be a personal number, of course, this is where having a Google Voice number comes in handy) and create some copy like "Want more tips?" or "Want to join the conversation? Text JOIN to xxx-xxx-xxxx today and we'll add you to our WhatsApp group!"

Right now you can add up to 256 people per group but you can make multiple groups.

How Can I Execute This?

This is where the gold is! Once you get one of these two strategies in place, then you can think of the content. Daily tips or weekly motivation tips are a great start. Are you a dating site that caters to a specific audience? Talk about the interests of that specific audience, better yet, ASK QUESTIONS! What do they like about your website? How can we make the experience better for you? This is your chance to interact with your customers on a personal level. Remember that this is a messaging app that most people treat like a texting app. Talk to them like they are your friend, which means DO NOT SELF PROMOTE! Would you be constantly talking about your business 24/7 to your friends? No! This is your chance to get to know your followers; What are their issues? What are they concerned about? What are their problem areas?

This is Good Stuff! Do They Track Stats?

Nope! WhatsApp is not very user-friendly for marketers, in fact, they want to keep marketers out. They quoted Tyler Durden from Fight Club (which is awesome) "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we buy sh*t we don't need." They don't have a nice platform where you can track stats.....YET. However, experts say that it's only a matter of time. Now you are probably thinking "well what's the point?" and I say to you this is a great opportunity to become an early adopter to a platform that has HUGE potential! If you are a numbers person (I KNOW you are out there), you will have to do the reporting manually on this for now.

Don't Have the Time, I Need Help!

WhatsApp is one of the new(ish) social media apps that's JUST gaining traction across the world. Like I said at the beginning of this blog post, if you operate internationally or planning to operate internationally at some point you will need to be on this app. Creating the strategy around WhatsApp this early on before all the stuff is created specifically for businesses is ESSENTIAL for your growth internationally. You will get the best organic growth in social media WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY. I want you to experience what it's like to gain momentum for your next service or product launch on a platform where it's absolutely FREE to text and call people internationally. If you are ready to take this on, let's get on a call to talk about it. Let's make the next quarter super successful!

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