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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be on Clubhouse RIGHT NOW!

You might be asking "WTF is Clubhouse?" and that's a solid question to ask. To be transparent, I had no idea what it is either until two weeks ago. The best way I could describe Clubhouse is "LinkedIn but with voice chat", it's a great platform for people wanting to network and get new clients or jobs! If you are familiar with Voxer (a walkie-talkie app), it's kinda like that but it's live chatting. It's a fantastic place to meet new people and show off your expertise in specific rooms about your subject. Even if you aren't a business owner, you can easily get in on conversations that you want to and grow at an incredibly fast rate.

1. It's Brand Spanking New!

It's a brand spanking new platform which means the organic reach is incredibly high. Think about where Facebook was in 2005 or where Instagram was in 2012. That is what we are looking at as far as organic reach. When organic reach is high it means you can get a lot of growth for no money at all. Let's take a look at TikTok; TikTok was able to grow fast because it was able to take up space (and a concept) that was already working in the market, which is Vine. TikTok took Vine's space in the market and was able to get a lot of organic reach so people can get on the platform. Same with Clubhouse, since the organic reach is incredibly high, you can grow insanely quickly.

2. Show Off Your Expertise!

On a place like Clubhouse, you can show off your expertise and practice your public speaking. On the platform, you can either host a room or just be a part of certain rooms. You can raise your hand to speak, and the moderator can bring you up to the stage. I like doing this because it gives me a chance to speak without having the time commitment of hosting an actual room. You can also host a room and you will get more people speaking and more of a chance to get more followers. If you are stuck on what kind of topics to speak on here's a list:

  1. Behind the scenes of what you do

  2. Tips and tricks on (fill in the blank here)

  3. Mental health and wellness in your industry

  4. How to (fill in the blank)

  5. What (celebrity) has taught me about (industry)

The best way to learn is to sit back and watch what people are already talking about.

3. Network!

Like I said in my intro, it's such an amazing place to network, and speak on the topics you know about. This is why when you get an invite (which you have to get an invitation to get on the app btw), you need to build out your profile to get people on a 1:1 call with you or create a link to your store. You can also connect your profile to your Instagram and Twitter accounts, which is just another platform you can market to your Clubhouse audience on. When you speak in different rooms and hold meetings in your own rooms, you will not only grow on Clubhouse but you will also grow on other platforms. If you are in PR, you can easily your clients in a room with a celebrity and give them amazing exposure! It's like being on Twitter in 2009, the reach to celebs is actually quite high. My friend India, had a celebrity in her room one time!

4. Find Your Voice!

If you are a new entrepreneur, you can very easily find your voice on this platform. Practice makes perfect and when you host more rooms, you will be able to find your voice and your niche of people you want to market towards. Let's say for example you are an entrepreneur that wants to specialize in holistic DNA trauma healing, but you have no idea what to talk about. You can go into similar rooms, the woo woo collective for example, and just talk about how your work relates to that room. If you are really nervous, then just go into rooms where there's not a lot of people. I personally love speaking to a lot of people and I hate speaking to a small group of people, but that's just me.

You want the room you be in to be a room where people would be interested in what you do. It will take some time to get used to the feel and vibe of these rooms. One night I saw there were people speaking about The Mandela Effect, and that's a topic I really love, however it wasn't really my audience. I just listened, see what everyone is talking about, and then left quietly.

How Can You Get on Clubhouse?

Like I explained above, it's not easy. You most likely will need to get an invite from someone that is already on the platform. Sorry guys I used up all of my invites! Ask around and see who is already on Clubhouse in your network and ask if they have any invites they could give out. You will need to give out your phone number, so make sure it's someone that is already in your contacts or you are comfortable giving your phone number to the person you want to invite you. Once you sign up and get an invite, you will be logged into the platform almost automatically. From there you can build your profile and hopefully you will get a welcome room!

Need help?

There's a ton of ways you can use Clubhouse, especially as a spiritual entrepreneur. The options are really limitless and you can grow very quickly. It's already the holiday season, and it's time to make those Q4 sales. Do you have an ebook, webinar, course, or amazing products you want to sell online? Let's get on a call together and figure out what kind of magic you need in your digital marketing plan, and more importantly how Clubhouse can work for you!

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