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4 Social Media Platforms You Should Be on in 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, we have seen so many social media sites gain momentum, but there are also quite a few that lost steam. As the holidays near, and paid social ads are at an annual high, figuring out where to spend your time and money during the holidays can be a grueling task. However, if you know where to spend your money and your time on good the social media sites that are gaining lots of momentum, you will certainly reap the benefits. Knowing what content to post and where to distribute your content can be a tedious task, but when you are up to date on the latest trends in social media, it's easy.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest has slowly become a force to be reckoned within the past few years. It's a top-three search engine on the web, and many people still use it to get great tips on things other than recipes for their next weight loss smoothie. I have to admit, personally, I never used Pinterest all that often, but I did work on a few pages in my company. It's such a great place to express your creativity and it's easy to get re-pinned if you are in the right groups. The thing is, is that you have to get into some of these groups early, otherwise you will be left in the dust. Pinterest does videos now and it's a real game-changer for most brands. Pinterest has proven to be not just a place for moms trying to lose the baby weight, but also a place for young entrepreneurs getting an edge over the competition.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably one of my most used social media platforms. I practically live on there, simply because it's one of the best ways to find leads on the internet besides cold email (which works maybe 25% for me at best). More and more people are getting on LinkedIn and that can be both a good and bad thing. First, the bad news: there are over a half-billion users on LinkedIn right now, and half of those users are monthly active users. Why is this bad? This is bad because organic reach is going to hard to attain, however it's not impossible. The good news is, is that organic reach is still at its highest for LinkedIn and you just have to be mindful of the people you are connecting with. You need to align yourself with the people who are not only going to buy your stuff but will resonate with your message. Believe me, with over 13,000 connections, I am doing a connection overhaul in 2020!

3. WhatsApp

This is one you probably weren't expecting! Not many people in the US know about WhatsApp, but it's used by 1.5 billion, that's right, billion people across the globe with India dominating the top spot at 400 million active users. The TL;DR about WhatsApp is a messaging app with lots of cool features. You can call people internationally (I do this in my corporate job with my team in India) without any extra charges to your phone. I found that a lot of clients that I work with internationally LOVE WhatsApp and would rather use it than EMAIL! What is cool about WhatsApp is that it's a GREAT way to engage with potential clients or customers for FREE. If you screen your prospects right, you can engage with them forever on WhatsApp, and they will be more than likely to buy your stuff. There are already companies adding people in WhatsApp groups and giving them exclusive updates! If you are not on WhatsApp you should get on it right now and send a message to your clients or customers to message you on there,

4. TikTok

This is a platform that blew up this year and this might be just a fad that's going to fade out like Vine did, but it's fun! This is a great place to get a LOT of organic reach and a potentially HUGE following. Yes, there are a lot of young people there and yes, you can't be super professional on it, but it's a great site to show off the fun side of your company. Does your company have a sense of humor? Show it! Be creative and original, there are kids that are going to be talking about you! Check out all the top videos on TikTok right now and see what you can add to it. Lots of funny memes. The best one was this one from Tesla.

When you introduce product lines or services in a way that catches people's attention like this, it won't matter what platform you have it on at the end of the day. You know why? Content is KING at the end of the day, if your content isn't good, no one will watch it and no one will care.

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