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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Converting

Facebook ads can be a BEAST, I actually remember being super overwhelmed when I first started learning. It can get complicated real quick, and it does NOT help at all when FB pretty much ripped off Google Ads method (which is a beast as well). I get clients all the time asking me "well I ran one Facebook ad and never got any results so I will never try it again". NOPE. That is the LAST thing you should be doing. Can you imagine if we thought of EVERYTHING that way? "I hated sushi that ONE time I tried it." "I played one game on my Xbox and I hated it now I have to throw my Xbox away." Like really? Come on now! The issue is not the Xbox, it's the game you played, and the strategy you used to beat the game (or didn't beat the game).

1. Running Ads 24/7

If you aren't seeing any ROI on your ads, you might want to check what time of the day you are running them. Running your ads at all times of the day will actually repulse your potential leads and give them ad fatigue. The solution? Set a schedule for your campaigns to appear at the times your audience is the most active. You can find these stats in your Facebook insights on your page. When you find the right days and times when your audience is ready to buy, you will definitely see results!

2. Your Landing Page Doesn't Make Sense!

The content on your landing page is probably the most important part of your ad. The landing page must match what you described in your ad, and this is where a lot of people who run ads, mess up. The landing page leads to something generic or a different type of offer and the ad doesn't create a good ROI at the end. The bottom line is that if you are confusing your audience it's not going to go over well for you. The solution? Make sure your landing page for your ad talks about your offer that you presented and not the offers that AREN'T on your ad. Facebook also LOVES funnels. Do you have a good funnel as your landing page?

3. You Are Making Too Many Changes!

Just like how scheduling a post from a scheduler that's not a Facebook partner can lower your reach, tinkering with your ad can cost you your entire ad budget! How do you prevent tinkering? Have great copy! Good copy for your ad can create GREAT results. If you want to have copy that will convert you need to make sure you have the following:

  1. A great opener. (Hey Spiritual Boss Lady! Are you tired of getting stuck when coming up with great copy for ads? Listen up)

  2. The body with your offer. (Great copy is hard to come by, but now I've made it easy with my simple unicorn process.....)

  3. Call to Action at the end. (Learn how to get the sample notebook of what you need to do to create great ad copy by clicking on the link below!)

If you follow these three easy tips, you will definitely have an ad copy that will convert.

4. You Are Marketing to an "Already Bought" Audience.

Re-marketing can be great for people who have been on your website before and bought from you before with different offers. However, if they are seeing the same ad multiple times and they are have already bought from that ad, that is an issue. The solution? Make sure you exclude people who have already bought from the particular ad campaign from the last month. When you do this, your ad will reach an audience that you haven't already marketed before thus giving you a proper ROI.

5. Not Using the Right Type of Ad

There is a difference between a lead generation campaign and an engagement campaign. There is also a difference between look alike audience and creating your own audience based on your ideal customer and/or client. You have to experiment on the types of ads that you want to do and the ones that you need. If you are a mortgage loan originator that needs new clients you might want to consider a lead generation campaign. If you are a yoga studio owner that wants to generate buzz for your new classes, you might want to consider doing an engagement ad with a landing page opt-in. Each campaign is different and unique so experiment and see which one is good for you!

Facebook ads don't have to be a beast!

Ads of any type are complicated, and just doing one ad will not do. You need to do multiple in order for it to truly work. You also need to budget your ads into your overall marketing budget, in order for them to truly succeed. (at least $200-$300 per campaign). Facebook ads also take at least 3-4 weeks to fully optimize, so you need to be patient. What does this also tell you? You need to plan out your ads for your promo at least a month ahead of time. Here's are some good questions to ask yourself before your ad(s)

  1. Does your offer help people at all? Can your audience benefit from it?

  2. Do you have an eye-catching creative? (Videos, photos, etc)

  3. Does the timeline of your offer make sense for when you put up the ad? (Are you giving your audience enough time to make plans and purchase tickets for your event or buying your products?)

  4. Does your ad copy make sense to the average buyer of your audience? (take a sample size of the copy you've written out and ask if it makes sense to them, if it doesn't, make changes BEFORE your ads go live!)

Help! I Need Help!

I get it. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are probably more worried about the crystals you are going to sell or the yoga classes you need to fill than learning and creating an actual Facebook ad for them! Don't worry boo, I got you. As the CEO and Founder of The Spirit Digital, I've seen almost every single type of Facebook ad out there. There is a formula you have to master in order to get those ads to convert and luckily I have that formula. I will say this formula does change from time to time because each client is different, but the basics are still there. Want to learn more? Schedule a call with me right here and we can go over what you exactly need!

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