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5 Tools I Use to Make My Life Simple!

"Your business is your life" that's what a transformation coach told me just last week. Now I know what you are thinking, you just can't work your whole life. That's not what I am talking about. It's the mindset of making your business a part of your whole LIFESTYLE. As someone who did the corporate thing for a while, I can't tell you how freeing it is to able to structure your business to your lifestyle. Do you hate waking up early? Structure your day to start your day later. Do you like taking little breaks throughout the day? Structure your day around that! Your business is what you make of it. I have so many tools that help me keep at a high-performance level for my clients, but also keep me grounded.

1. Calendly and my Apple Calendar!

These two tools have saved me multiple times, especially when I connected my Calendly to my Apple calendar. Such a game-changer. If you live under a rock and you don't know what Calendly is, Calendly (which is based out here in Atlanta btw), is a scheduling tool that you can use to schedule calls with your prospects and your clients. You can do a lot with the free service and if you get the premium service, you can do even more, like get text message reminders, create more events, and even offer a paid event option. What I love about Calendly (especially when I use the Apple integration) is that anytime I schedule something in my Apple calendar, it blocks out that time from my Calendly calendar, so no one can schedule a call during that time. Brillant!

2. Animated Text!

This is a recent tool that I just got used to, it's an app I've been using over a year now. Formerly called Legend, Animated Text is such an amazing app that you can use for social media. You can create short and simple gifs or short videos of text in an easy to use app. It's such a simple platform that can make a powerful impact on your social media pages if you use it correctly! Here's a good example of how I used it in an Instagram post. It's been such a lifesaver for my content on my own and for my client's social media pages when I don't have a video or a blog to post. You can do a lot with this app, especially if you are a service-based business. Realtors, for example, can put the image of a house they are listing with the price and city as the animated text.

3. Dubsado

I can't think of another business management system that works as fabulous as Dubsado does. From proposals, to questionnaires to invoicing, it handles it all. It keeps track of all of your leads, or customers in a systematic order and you can also add several automated workflows so you don't have to lift a finger! It does take a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy! You can also track your revenue in Dubsado as well. The one negative I have is that you really can't send mass newsletters to all of your leads like you can in MailChimp, but it's still an amazing tool to have in your business!

4. Candles

This is probably the only physical tool on this list lol. I got into the habit of lighting a candle in my office space almost every single day. When I tell you that having a calming scented candle in your office makes your day go by a lot smoother, it definitely does! The stress levels go down, you see clearly, and your body just relaxes. Having candles in your work environment will not only make your office smell good but it's been proven to improve your mood. Your wellbeing is as important as your work. It has taken me getting sick three times to figure that out. Put your health first, always. Don't work for anybody or let anyone tell you different!

5. My Electronic Journal

I used to journal all of my thoughts, all the time. Ever since I started meditating and getting more into spirituality, I found that it wasn't really necessary. The intention has to be there though, so I started saying my intentions out loud or repeating them in my head as I go for a walk. I've learned to be grateful for everything that I have instead of complaining and comparing myself to people who aren't on the same life path that I am. When you want to manifest something, it's so important to come from a place of being grateful for what you already have. During this pandemic there's a lot of people saying they don't have this or they don't have that. Almost everyone who lives in the United States has shoes on their feet, a car to drive everywhere in, food in their fridge, a family that loves them, and clothes in their closet. Some people in the US or anywhere else in the world, don't have these things.

Raise the vibration and be grateful for what you do have, and send love to the people that are hungry, don't have decent clothes to wear, a car to take them places, their own bed to sleep on, that don't have a family, friends or people that love them.

Life Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

My life is so complicated and I don't want to make it harder than it needs to be, so I use these tools to make it simpler. I realize not everyone has the money or energy to do all of these things, but when you set the intention of getting what you want when you want it, it makes it that much easier! You are in control of your own life, and when you feel like things are getting too much for you, stop and re-evaluate what has been making you feel this way. Life is way too short to not be happy.

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