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There's so much happening in my life personally and professionally. Lots of clients in the pipeline of course, but I moved in with my brother this week. I still can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated over the last two years. For those of you who don't know, I moved to Atlanta for a job and a change in scenery. I lived in the midwest all of my life and I figured it was time for something different. I started my business in July of 2017 right after my last gig with a company I wasn't too happy with. I kind of did the old "F this corporate world. I am going to start my own business." Well, soon after I started my business and had a couple of clients, I got a call from one of the many places I applied to in GA, she wanted me to come and work for her social media team. I said fantastic! I've been meaning to get out of Chicago anyways!

So I got an apartment and started my job within two weeks. Everything was going well until February of this year. All of our job titles changed and we ended up doing things outside of our job description. I am a team player, so I was like cool. It was all stuff I wanted to do anyways; create flyers, help design banners, and other marketing materials for our sales team. I was completely blindsided when I got a call from our senior manager saying "You're getting laid off." When I tell you this was like a gut punch to my stomach, no more like that scene from Mean Girls when Regina George gets run over by a bus.

It was devastating and I didn't think I was going to leave that company so soon. However, I used that time to build my freelance business. Got a new client and networked with so many amazing people. I ended up finding another job (I am starting on the 30th), left my apartment when my lease is up and I moved into my brother's home. Which doesn't bother me in the slightest, cause he stayed with me when he first came here. It feels like things are shifting and changing for me (hopefully for the best). I've learned a lot of things in my twenties that I am sure to not repeat again in my thirties. Not taking other people's shit is one thing I have learned, and I still have a hard time getting over that in a lot of the relationships I have. Mostly romantic, some professional and some others. I am just in a place right now where I just don't have time for that anymore, whether it's in my business, work, or personal life.

I want to transform into something that I am proud of, a better version of me if you will. Someone who reads or listens to books on audio, someone who takes the time to talk to a friend every day, and someone who gives a lot. I feel like I am trying to do all of those things, but I also feel like if I do all of these things, it gets in the way of what I am trying to build. Which is essentially an empire. I don't want to be just another social media expert, I want to be someone who changes people's lives or gives new perspectives to what brands can do or what they can do to better themselves personally.

I was originally a psych major in college. I wanted to be a psychologist, cause I wanted to help people with mental health issues as I had a lot of problems of my own (that's another post for another time). I learned that my creativity isn't aligned with what they wanted me to do as a psych major so I switched gears. After taking a bunch of classes, I looked into a business 100 class, after taking it I realized that my talents were much better suited for marketing and branding. After doing extensive research, I came across a number of articles that said social media is the next big thing in marketing (it was!) and I wanted to be a part of it. I graduated from another school, I got some internships and the rest is history.

However, I feel like I wanted to go back to my counseling roots. I was told by many people I should get into coaching/teaching/counseling because I just have that natural listening ability, which I do. I am an empath and I can read people pretty well. I have always had that gift, and I always wanted to use it in a way where it makes sense. Will I build this part of my business? Who knows, but as of right now it's just another idea I am throwing out there. It may or may not turn into something.

Speaking of coaching services, I do offer coaching sessions for your brand! If you rather not get the management or if you are a start-up and cannot afford someone to manage your social media pages at this time. I would love to coach you. Interested? Schedule your FREE coaching session here today!


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