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How Do I Stay Sane?

I know. I know. What a title right? It's not a typical Social Butterfly blog title, but it's definitely straight and to the point, which honestly if you know me, then you know that is what I am all about. As an entrepreneur, I have good days and bad days. It's always a balance; between friends, family, and my business, it seems like self-care has taken a HUGE hit. Self-care has never been a strength of mine ,to be honest. I have never been good at taking time for myself as I am always helping other people. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this.

Meditation Really Helps!

I do everything I can do keep my mind active, and at peace. Meditation is one of those things, but it's been kept by the wayside lately. However when I do it regularly I see a lot of the benefits. Consistency seems to be the key here. If you can do at least 15 mins a day, you will be able to see more than lower stress levels. You will just be more relaxed overall. Like most people, I feel like I never have time to just relax right? Well, I hate excuses and I don't like making them, so I try not to. However, when I say I literally don't have time, I don't. Meditation does help when I do have the time, and it really does relax me, but I really need to start doing it more.

Writing Things Out.

I write my frustrations out on paper (sometimes I just write out on my computer)., and it helps me target where my frustrations come from. It helps me realize what I am actually frustrated about and what could I do about it. I do have to get better at journaling, but again TIME. Writing my thoughts out and having some JST time, has been a big eye-opener when I actually have the time to do it. It's great because again, I figure out what's been happening inside my head, and what is actually holding me back (spoiler alert: it's fear).

Eating Well (or trying to eat well)

I pride myself on maintaining a healthy diet and exercising daily. I mean did you look at my IG story recently? I flipped tires! I don't always as well as I should ( I mean hey I am human and I have flaws like eating jalapeno chips and watching Dance Moms re-runs), but I try my absolute hardest. Now, I do not follow the latest trendy diet (looking at you keto) cause it never works out. However, I do love the tried and true ayurvedic diet which is literally 1000's of years old and I see a consultant (shout out to Usha!) once a month. I do take supplements that are completely natural and help with your weight loss goals. This does help keep me sane, cause when you eat well, you also think clearly. At least for me, I do see a big correlation with stress levels and how well I eat.

What Do You To Keep Yourself Sane?

I KNOW there are a ton of you entrepreneurs out there that try to keep yourself sane every day. I know some of you like to journal, meditate (some of you meditate with crystals), and even try to run 4 miles every day. I wish I could still run actually (damn you ACL surgery!), and I would love to cook more. What do you like to do? Let me know!

I am going to start a YouTube channel, where you will definitely see me talking about these topics in much more detail as well as other social media stuff. What would you like to see on the channel? Let me know!


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